Improve Your Fluency in a Different Language with TV Shows

We know that learning a new language can be tough when it’s not your only job. Work, homework, socializing, taking care of the kids, and more, can tire us all.

And on top of that, you have to keep studying your target language outside your lessons. Resting probably sounds like a better idea. But do you want to leave aside all the advantages that a new language could give you? You could travel and get to know new cultures; you could get a job promotion, or make new friends.

The good news is you don’t have to let go of your bilingual or polyglot dreams. Imagine coming home after a long day, and improving in your new language while resting or watching TV? Well, it’s totally doable! Immersing yourself in a new language it’s the best way to become fluent. And watching your favorite shows in a different language is one way to do that.

That’s why we took on the task of collecting some of the most popular TV shows that have their own versions across countries. So you can watch your all-time favorite shows in a new language. You’ll be relaxing and learning at the same time.

TV Shows Around the World in Different Languages

Master Chef

This is a popular cooking competition. In every chapter, participants have to cook something according to a challenge that the panel of judges presents to them. The judges are professional chefs.

There are different versions. The normal MasterChef is for amateur cooks. The junior version is for kids. MasterChef: The Professionals is for actual chefs. And the celebrity version is for each country’s famous celebrities. Depending on the country, you might even find other versions. Like in some places, they have holiday specials and all-star seasons.

This reality show first aired in the UK in 1990. It has been made in over 30 countries around the world! So, chances are you will find a version of MasterChef for the language that you are learning. You’ll also find MasterChef in different countries where they speak the same language. So you can even learn many accents for one language. For example, in Spanish you’ll find it in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and more.

There’s also MasterChef for German, French, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Russian, and many more languages and countries.

The Voice

You’ve most likely heard of The Voice, a singing competition. There are many singing contests, but The Voice has gained ground in recent years because of its original format. There are different levels to pass during the competition in order to win: auditions, battles, knockouts, and live shows. For the auditions stage, the coaches, who are famous singers, can’t see how the contestants look. So the competition won’t be guided by the looks of the competitors.

There are also many types of this show, such as The Voice Kids and The Voice Senior. The show is originally from Holland, but has now been made in many other countries. Such as the USA, Australia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and more.

With this show, you will not only learn through listening to native speakers but also while listening to songs. That makes it extra fun to watch and learn.
We’ll leave you with this video that collects some of the best auditions for The Voice around the world: LIFE-CHANGING Blind Auditions on The Voice.


Contestants have to pass a circuit with many different obstacles that involve jumping, falling into a pool, and having to walk through mud.

It’s a comedy show because the hosts always make funny comments about the contestants’ failures. Plus, some of the obstacles are super hard to get through, so they have funny consequences for the competitors. You will learn humor in different languages. And since many contestants fail, you may even learn some expressions for when something doesn’t go the way you wanted it to.

It has been so popular that there are even video games based on Wipeout. You can find it in more than 30 countries, in languages that include Spanish, French, and Portuguese.


This is a competition show, where contestants have to find a way to survive on an island. They don’t have any luxuries; they have to find food, and, if they can, build shelters on their own. There are two teams, and sometimes they have to compete in order to win a reward. These can go from food to phone calls from their loved ones. Despite being in teams during most of the show, at the end only one will be the winner.

The original is from the UK in 1992, but it’s become widely popular up until this day. You can see it in Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Turkey, and more. Depending on the country, you can also find it as Expedition Robinson.


If you like sports, this is your show. Exatlon is a competition where contestants have to pass different circuits every day. It involves running, aiming, swimming, and all kinds of athletic things.

There are two teams, each with athletes from different sports; they go from professionals to amateurs, and even Olympics. Sometimes there are also celebrities. With every circuit they receive different rewards, and sometimes punishments. It’s a teamwork competition, and every week one athlete is eliminated. In the final week, it becomes a solo competition, with one female and one male winner.

There’s the normal Exatlon and then there are other variations. For example, the Exatlon Cup is a shorter format where athletes from different countries compete. Or the small tournaments they sometimes have within two countries that are currently airing their own Exatlon season.

Some of the countries that have aired this show are Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Romania, and a few more. Fact: The US Exatlon is in Spanish.

How Will TV Shows Improve Your Language Skills?

Now, you can watch any of these shows in other languages. No need to worry if in your country they don’t air your favorite show in your target language. Since these are very popular TV show franchises, you will find many of the episodes on YouTube.

Each of these shows will teach you about different fields, like music, sports, and food. But they all have things in common. They will all improve your listening, and you’ll learn new idioms and words; therefore, improve your vocabulary. All of this will make you more confident and fluent when speaking.

You can just turn the TV on, and clean or make dinner while listening to the show in the background. So even when you’re not paying full attention, you will be training your ear to understand the sounds of a new language. Your environment will sound different. And so gradually you’ll stop translating in your brain, and start thinking in your target language.

If you want to upgrade your reading and writing, you can put the subtitles on when watching on YouTube.

Time to go home and relax while improving your language skills!

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