Improving your proficiency in Spanish can be a big challenge but it is nothing that cannot be done. One of the best and most effective ways to improve your proficiency in Spanish is listening and comprehending it as much as you can. Podcasts are an amazing tool to achieve this goal.

Listening is a part of language learning that is sometimes underrated. A big mistake that most language learners make is that they forget this super important part. Many students will focus more on the speaking and grammar components of language learning since the biggest goal is to speak, right? To learn a new language, we need to develop and work on all four skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Developing our listening skills can help us to improve in other areas of the language such as grammar and pronunciation. Speaking can also help us improve in areas such as listening and writing – each skill is complementary. Podcasts are an amazing source of information that we can use to our advantage since they come in all levels and topics that align with whatever you’re interested in.

What’s more, podcasts are super easy to access. With a simple tap on your phone, a pair of headphones, and a little bit of time, you can improve your fluency with a podcast. So today, I bring what, in my opinion, are the best 7 podcasts to practice your Spanish skills.

Where Can I Listen to a Podcast?

There are a lot of platforms where there are lots of podcasts available right away. Platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Podcasts are good platforms to search for good quality Spanish podcasts. Here’s a brief overview to get started by choosing the best platform for you.

Apple Podcasts

This platform has a broad selection of good-quality podcasts to practice your Spanish. It has gained a reputation over the years thanks to the large amount of material you can find there. It is available in more than 170 countries and you can use it whether you’re an Apple user or not.

Pros: The quality of the podcasts found on Apple Podcasts is amazing. Also, there’s a broad selection of podcasts that can fit pretty much any needs. If you’re looking for a place where you can find a podcast about any subject and topic, then this is the right choice for you.

Cons: Although a lot of their content is free, you need to pay a subscription in order to get access to their premium podcasts, especially the language courses ones. You need to download the “Apple podcasts app” since this is an additional service from Apple. Also, it’s a little bit harder to use in other devices that are not from Apple, as the compatibility is not the same for each device.

Spotify Podcasts Spotify

Spotify is a streaming platform where you can find a wide variety of playlists and podcasts just by searching “Learn Spanish”. Whenever you’re searching, just make sure you’re searching in the correct category, because there are usually lots of playlists that contain that title.

Most of the podcasts found on Spotify lead you to their official websites where you can find complete Spanish courses or the transcriptions of what you’re listening to, which means more resources for you to practice your Spanish.

Pros: As this platform is one of the most famous streaming platforms worldwide, it is very easy to use on any device you have, no matter the brand. There are a lot of content creators who share their content there almost automatically which makes this app a location where you can find a broad list of language learning podcasts about any subject or topic of your interest. This platform doesn’t really offer anything special, but it’s a great choice due to its simplicity and convenience since you also can stream your music without needing to download any extra apps.

Cons: If you want to have a great listening experience and download your podcast episodes, then you have to pay a monthly subscription (this also Includes their streaming services). Also, there are a lot of playlists named the same as the podcasts so sometimes it gets a little bit confusing when it comes to looking for some things (They usually have music in the language though, so this is another way to practice).

YouTube YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform for video streaming online. It has a big database with lots and lots of information, videos, and material for Spanish learning for free.

Pros: The amount of material to be found is insane! On this platform, you can find literally anything that you’re interested in. When it comes to podcasts, you can find full series and playlists that contain the episodes of any show of your interest as most content creators upload the video versions of their podcasts. On YouTube, there’s also lots of studying material, complete language courses, and a lot of content that can be really useful in your learning journey.

Cons: As said before, YouTube is a video streaming platform, so its main use is for videos. However, if you pay for the “YouTube Red” subscription, then you can get access to apps such as “YouTube Music” and you can stream your podcasts the same as in any other music app.

Free vs Paid Podcasts

Although there are a lot of Spanish language learning podcasts available for free, there are lots of paid options as well. The main differences between free and paid podcasts are that the paid options also include worksheets and lesson guides – such as a transcript of the podcast. Transcripts can help you follow along and read what you could not understand orally.

Most of the paid language podcasts usually come with a free or low-cost trial so you can see if it’s the right fit for you. But don’t worry! Paid doesn’t always mean better. The important thing here is that you look for the best match for you, paid or free. Anyway, most of the best and well-structured language podcasts come in both free and paid versions so you can keep working with them, even if you don’t want to purchase. Just remember that investing in a good tool for learning can be a great way to help you achieve your goals more easily.

The 7 Best Spanish Podcasts

Here are the best podcasts to practice your Spanish. They are not in any special order, because all of them are different and have their own pros and cons. Just stick to what catches your attention most. For each podcast, you will find a summary list that contains useful information to help you decide if the podcast is right for you. Also, there’s a short description that will give you a brief overview of what the podcast is about.

1. Unlimited Spanish

Level: A2- B2
Transcription: Yes
Number of Episodes: 280
Last Episode: 09/04/2022
Spanish from: Spain

Unlimited Spanish is a podcast hosted by Oscar who talks about the value of speaking Spanish to his listeners. You will learn Spanish with some techniques such as question and answer and point of view by listening to short stories and actively speaking Spanish as Oscar gives you some time to answer or repeat things in Spanish.

What makes this podcast different from others, is the fact that Oscar allows you to actively speak Spanish instead of only listening to it or just developing a feeling of intuition for it, like most Spanish podcasts. Oscar’s approach might seem a little bit complicated if you’re at a very basic level since you need to be able to communicate and understand a little bit of the language.

You can go to their official website for more info, or find the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Keyword: Unlimited Spanish Podcast.

2. Easy Spanish

Level: A1- B2
Transcription: Yes (With Subscription)
Number of Episodes: 55
Last Episode: 08/04/2022
Spanish from: Mexico – Spain

Easy Spanish is a weekly podcast hosted by Paulina and Ivan, native Spanish speakers from México and Spain. In this podcast, the hosts talk about different topics of interest such as certain phrases and a lot of cultural information about different Spanish-speaking countries through everyday conversations.

This podcast also has a lot of free videos on YouTube to complete your learning process along with grammar topics, interviews, and audiovisual material super useful for improving your Spanish skills.

The episodes are completely in Spanish which might seem difficult for a person who’s just starting their Spanish journey, but if you’re happy enough with the content that this podcast has to offer, then you can get a membership. The membership offers an interactive transcript of all the episodes so you can read and listen to what’s being said. Also, you receive early access to the episodes and additional learning material for different Spanish levels.

This podcast is fully available on YouTube and Spotify. Keyword: Easy Spanish.

3. SpanishPod101

Level: A1- C1
Transcription: Yes
Number of Episodes: 1,800 approximately
Last Episode: 10/04/2022
Spanish from: Mexico – Spain – Perú – Costa Rica

SpanishPod101 is one of the most extensive Spanish podcasts available online. With this podcast, you get to listen and learn from speakers from Spain, Perú, Mexico, and more. This makes it a great tool to get a better idea of how people are actually speaking Spanish all over the globe.

They have an online training system that consists of free daily podcast episodes, as well as daily audio and video lessons. Their podcasts talk about a variety of topics that include news, reviews, tips for speaking Spanish on certain occasions, etc.

With their 7-day free trial you can dive into their website and explore all the cool features this podcast has for you. You can visit their website for the complete experience or just dive into their YouTube channel.

4. Duolingo Podcast

Level: B1-C2
Transcription: Yes
Number of Episodes: 108
Last Episode: 07/04/2022
Spanish from: Mexico – Spain – Perú – Costa Rica – Ecuador – Most Latino American Accents

As you might know, Duolingo is a very well-known app for language students. With a lot of time in the market, the Duolingo creators decided to launch a podcast where you can practice the skills gained in the app. The cool thing about this podcast is the fact that it is focused on real-life stories more than anything else, so you will learn a lot about the culture, history, arts, and biographies of people from all over Latin America.

Another interesting fact is that this podcast is not completely in Spanish as they switch back and forth between Spanish and English so you can understand the story better. A great way to explore this podcast could be by reading first and then just making sure of your understanding before the English part pops in. However, this podcast has a language that might be suitable for people who already have a background in the Spanish language more than a complete beginner.

You can find the podcast on their website, YouTube, or Spotify. Keyword: Duolingo Spanish Podcast.

5. Spanish Obsessed

Level: 0 – C2
Transcription: Yes (paid)
Spanish from: Variety of Latin American accents – Spain

This podcast is hosted by Rob and Lis, a married duo that have lots of casual and fun conversations, along with some interviews with people with lots of different accents. This duo created a whole site dedicated to Spanish, with lessons, videos, and podcasts for each level.

They have four free podcasts for each level, and after that, you need to pay for an annual subscription that will allow you to see the transcriptions, get into the pro podcasts series, and a 20% discount on their live academy course that will help you achieve your goals with Spanish. Check out their lessons on their website.

6. Coffee Break Spanish

Level: 0 – C2
Transcription: No
Number of Episodes: 300 (50 per level)
Spanish from: Spain

This podcast offers a practical, student-oriented way to get started learning Spanish. This podcast contains about 50 episodes per Spanish level, starting at the very beginning. So, if you’re just getting started this podcast might be a great fit for you. Their first lessons are focused on the typical topics that a beginner would like to learn, such as greetings, self-introductions, alphabet, etc. Also, there are some explanations in English for you to get a better understanding of what’s going on. The hosts, Gordon and Cynthia, provide amazing explanations that are very easy to understand and follow. There’s a lot of information for the listeners, so if you want to have an amazing overview of Spanish culture, traditions, and ideas, this podcast is an amazing way to get started.

Their website offers a lot of features that are also great for learning Spanish, so if you’re interested you can get a paid membership and explore all the cool features that they have to offer.

You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts or other platforms using the keyword: lightspeed Spanish podcast.

7. How to Spanish

Level: B2 – C1
Transcription: Yes
Last Episode: 11/04/2022
Spanish from: Mexico

Ana and David are Mexicans who love to share everything about the Mexican culture. They love to share the usage of some unique Mexican expressions and what it’s like to live in Mexico. Their way of speaking is super clear and easy to understand, but if you are a very beginner this podcast might not be a great fit since they speak only in Spanish.

How to Spanish is a podcast that can help you to appreciate and a deeper understanding of Mexican culture, so if you’re a fan of Mexico and all of its wonders, this is a great fit for you.

You can find all the episodes of the podcast, along with some free Spanish Lessons and videos on YouTube, or their website.

What to do now?

Hopefully, you have found a great fit for your Spanish-learning needs, abilities, and personal interests. Remember that practicing your listening skills is not an easy thing to do, so the best thing is to be sure that you enjoy the content you’re consuming so this exercise is significant for your learning process.

Now, after reading these recommendations, you are free to choose which way to go, and start practicing your Spanish at your own pace and interest. Don’t forget to keep practicing as much as you can, and along with podcasts, to have some other ways of learning such as lessons to complement your experience. Have a great time listening! And if you’d like to work with a live Spanish coach, schedule a trial class for only $35 today.