Accent Bootcamp with Micah Bellieu

Stop LEARNING about the American Accent.

Actually PRACTICE saying words CLEARLY and CONFIDENTLY.

Many accent courses talk about linguistics, or phonetics, or all the other graduate school words.

But what about TRULY practicing so you can reach your goals to speak clearly and with confidence?

What about the daily practice you need to change the muscles in your mouth?

Clear pronunciation is about muscle memory and practice. The more you say it correctly in practice, the more your mouth will pronounce it correctly in everyday conversations when you’re NOT thinking about it.

Micah Bellieu Explains Why Her Bootcamp Works

Join our
“Sound Like Americans”
Accent Bootcamp!

Goal of “Sound Like Americans” Accent Bootcamp

Your mouth will really be sweating! Just kidding, but it will get a workout.
The goal is for you to feel more confident speaking English with Americans and be more easily understood by just about anyone who is primarily used to the American accent (at work, in restaurants, at parties, etc.)

What is it?

Four, 45-minute live sessions.
Never before seen, proprietary Bellieu training method for a clear accent.
You DO NOT have to attend – you will get the recordings after the course.
Each sound will be individually recorded so you can practice ONLY the sounds you need. 20+ total mini recordings.

What actually happens in each session?

3 minutes of drills, then 2 minutes of mirror work for 45 total minutes.
15 minutes to take questions afterwards (optional.)
Each session works on 5 – 7 sounds.
You will receive a recording of the sound drills to use for life.

Afterward, your mouth will be tired, but it will be easier to make the sounds you need to communicate clearly, effectively, and easily – with colleagues and with friends – for more clarity in business communications and social interactions.