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Online language classes going beyond vocabulary & grammar to help you communicate clearly & easily in another language.

Micah Bellieu’s Experience with Fluency

I’m Micah Bellieu and I founded TruFluency. Why? I have taken two thousand hours of language classes, formal, academic and also conversational, both in person and online. I didn’t want a Ph.D in Spanish, French or Japanese. I just wanted to be able to communicate, clearly and effectively.

I learned by failing firsthand. My language classes taught me grammar rules and vocabulary. That wasn’t enough.


Fluent Clients

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“After 15 years of studying Spanish and even studying abroad, I took a job in Mexico. I struggled to communicate for work, feeling lost and alone. All the language courses I had taken weren’t effective. ”

The Bellieu Method for TruFluency

Conversational classes changed my life. They taught me how to speak the language and allowed me to understand native speakers and respond.

For three years, I focused on creating The Bellieu Method for getting people TRULY fluent.

Since then, I’ve been hired for major companies like Samsung, Grupo Lala, Hitachi, Toyota, Ferrovial, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Chevron and so many, many more to transform communication at their multilingual workplaces.

Now, TruFluency comes online for YOU. With tools like chat, screen sharing, whiteboards, video sharing, online language classes are 100% effective and engaging. What are you waiting for?

I learned both French & Japanese completely online. Now it’s your turn.

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