Wondering if our tutors are as awesome as we think? See what our students say about them!

“I tried a certain number of websites / apps etc. and I really believe this is the best one (so far) for many reasons so congratulation to you and the team.”

“I’ve really enjoyed my classes with Carla, she’s amazing at her job.”


Civil Engineer (from Spain), Sugar Creek Construction

“Alexandra and I are really enjoying our lessons with Albine! She is great!”

Mom & Daughter on Zoom

After taking Japanese private lessons with TruFluency, I am more comfortable speaking with my clients in Japanese now. They love it. It allows us to connect more. I think what brings me a lot of value is also being able to ask my teacher about cultural norms in Japan.


I’m quite happy with my instructor Gaby, and am getting more excited/confident in my abilities as we progress through the text. Although I still have so far to go, I’m slowly-but-surely getting better at speaking Spanish with Gaby – as she likes to say, “poco a poco”. I’m so grateful for your business, and this awesome opportunity I have to learn Spanish on my own time!

I love the classes. Kobayashi sensei has been great in terms of the content we work on together and the advice he has given me in preparing for a presentation.

After a few classes, I was surprised. I called a customer service person, which is usually really hard. They always told me they didn’t understand. But this time, they understood me! He never asked me to repeat myself. Not once!
Takako S.

TruFluency’s instructor an amazing Spanish teacher. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn Spanish. The instructor was punctual, patient, and kind, understanding the learning process of a non-native speaker. If you are debating whether or not to call TruFluency or another organization, use TruFluency first. I promise you will be very happy with your results.
Alecia Bartel

I really like the confidence I have now in the way I write.
Jose C.

Noriko‘s long language teaching career equips her to teach in any setting, from a large group class to a one-on-one lesson, a beginner to an advanced class, a school aged student to a corporate executive. Her unique perspectives are reflected in her lesson plans and materials. Her students enjoy and appreciate her creativity, dedication, and high quality of work. She is a fun, kind, and patient instructor. Yoroshiku!

Carla is an amazing teacher and I am learning a lot!


Great lesson, it was an ‘ear opening’ experience. I had a great teacher, I already learned to pronounce correctly words that I couldn’t for decades!

My instructor was patient and gave me motivation to continue learning. I was given lots of tips in class for me to be able to study on my own outside of the class too: websites, books, how to meet others, and CDs. My instructor had knowledge about learning other languages, so if you are a Japanese, Spanish or French speaker, TruFluency understands the challenges from your language to English.
Izumi P.

TruFluency’s instructors are terrific tutors – patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and challenging. In just a few months, my reading comprehension, conversation, and vocabulary are remarkably better. I would recommend them to anyone – regardless of current fluency.
Sarah Boltz

My instructor was the best tutor I have ever worked with. She knew what foreigners usually struggle with and provided very relevant advice. She was not afraid to point out mistakes, so I improved every class. She has a very firm curriculum, which I rarely found from others. She made the class fun.
Yongki Min

This course was very positive to improve my English and also to improve my confidence to speak in English … I definitely can recommend TruFluency English program.
Luciane Gomes

I have really enjoyed my classes… They have worked with my complicated travel schedule and include subject matter that pertains to my work needs. I have a great teacher and you can tell she is passionate about what she does!
Audrey Y.

From the beginning, my Fluency Corp instructor proved to be exceptional! She was the only teacher who took the time to answer my long list of questions. She was clear and honest. Classes are planned according to your specific needs. She makes you want to learn more, motivates you and guides you in the best possible way. She also has a lot of patience and knows how to explain the lessons properly. Her teaching techniques have been very useful to improve my English pronunciation and I enjoy doing homework (cause it’s fun and doesn’t seem like homework at all). I highly highly recommend her!
Karla Fernandez

Classes are very very interesting. Carl is the best English teacher in my life. Thank you for choosing me a nice teacher.
Mits Ichikawa

The instructor is so awesome, she has lots of props, and really loves to teach, and motivates me to learn, read and write Spanish! Thanks for working with me to learn Spanish, I am very happy with TruFluency!!!!
Tracy Robles

The most difficult aspect of learning a new language for adults is fear of making an embarrassing mistake. Micah and other teachers at TruFluency have created a supportive and comfortable environment where I am able to utilize my newly acquired vocabulary words and grammar into simple conversations, which is exactly my goal. The consistent progress I experience after each lesson is a big motivating factor that propels me forward.
Christina W.

The lesson was prompt and the instructor (Alice) was excellent. She took her time and the interactive nature of the session made it enjoyable. Take a chance with TruFluency and you will be glad you did. Gracias!