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Getting Started

What video platform do you use?

We will use your preferred online platform. Or your fluency coach can provide a Zoom link. If you don’t already have the software installed on your computer, you can download and install it now. Browse their support center if you have any questions on how to use it.

How will my Fluency Coach know my level?

Easy! It’s our job! Once we start talking with you, we are already assessing what you need, your weaknesses, and how we can help you improve communication.

What do we learn in the classes?

The first class, the teacher gets to know you with our Fluency Corp Student Assessment. We curate curriculum based on the needs you have. Also, the curriculum can change as different needs come up. For example, if you have a big presentation in a few weeks, your Fluency Coach can help you with exactly what you need to practice.

Classes & Scheduling

How do I keep track of how many hours I’ve used that month?

Don’t worry. We keep track of it for you. If you would like to know how many classes you have left in your package, email us at micah@trufluency.com.

What if I do not use all of my hours right away? What happens to them?

You have up to 6 months to use them. Do not worry! We will help you keep track.

Will I be automatically billed?

No. Once you have used all your credit hours (we will help keep track), you will purchase another package. That way you can learn at your own pace!

Can I cancel a scheduled lesson?

Absolutely! You have up to 24 hours before the lesson starts to cancel it without losing a credit hour. Email us at micah@trufluency.com so we can schedule another class for you.

If I cancel 48 hours before my lesson start time, will I lose that lesson credit?

No. You have up to 24 hours before the lesson starts to cancel it. Email us at micah@trufluency.com so we can schedule another class for you.

Can I change my hours from month to month? Some months I can do 4 hours and some months I can do 8.

Yes, you absolutely can. We will adjust to your schedule so that you don’t stress about making a certain amount of hours each month.

Can I take extra classes? What if I use all my credits early on in the month?

Yes. If you want to take more classes in one month, you absolutely can. You can vary the package that you purchase (twelve hours, instead of eight, for example), or buy additional hours if you find you have the time (purchase the four hour package in addition to your current package).

Can I skip lessons for a week?

Every week, you get to decide the time and days of your lessons. If you cannot take lessons this week, that’s ok. Just schedule those hours for the next week.

The Path to TruFluency

I can only do 1 hour a week right now, is that enough?

1 hour a week is very slow progress, but you know what’s worse than 1 hour a week? No hours a week! Most of our students average two hours a week.

How long does it take to make progress?

We suggest working in chunks of time. Every 50 hours is a half level, so if you do 2 hours a week, then you will make solid progress every 6 months. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Of course, the more hours speaking the language, the faster the progress.

How long will it take for me to become fluent?

First, we have to define what “fluency” means. Fluency is the ability to easily and clearly talk about any subject. This is an extremely high level. With that being defined, it takes 600 hours of exposure and conversation to be able to work in the language (or go to school in the language).

At every respectable language school in the world, the same amount of time is used to express fluency for English speakers to learn another language. Hours must be used, not days or months. These hours are also used with government language programs.

Our goal for you (at minimum) is a basic level of fluency (A2+ or B1), which takes 300-350 hours of exposure and conversation. It takes roughly 100 hours for A1 level (super basic) and 200 hours for A2 level (advanced basic).

How many years does it take to get to a basic level of fluency?

We must speak in hours and not days, weeks, or months if we want to be honest and precise. Someone who takes one hour a week will not learn the same as someone taking five hours a week, so we cannot talk in weeks or months.

If you’re taking two classes a week (1-2 hours a week), it will roughly take five years to reach 300-350 hours. If you’re taking three classes a week (2-3 hours a week), it’s closer to 3-3.5 years. If you’re taking three classes during weekdays and also a weekend class, it will take closer to 2.5 years. That is why immersion is so critical.

If you’re translating or speaking a lot of English in the class, then we would have to double these numbers for how long it would take, because so much English is being spoken in class.

We strive to make the most of the time we have in order to give ultimate progress.

Do I have to do extra work outside of class in order to be successful in learning another language?

Surprisingly, no. The talk time in class (listening and responding) provides the most progress. So a worksheet or video outside of class is not going to move the needle a ton. Don’t stress about outside classwork.

Will it help some? Yes, of course.

If you don’t do it, should you drop out of the classes altogether? Not at all! Attending classes is the most important thing.

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