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Customized Lessons with Private Tutors!

The BEST Language Tutors Customizing Your Lessons Based on Your Needs

Our experienced language coaches can help you with:

Business Email Writing

Advanced Business Vocabulary in your Field

Clearer Communication on Phone Calls and Video Meetings

Learn the Basics in a New Language
Help you Develop Your Vocabulary in Your Already Advanced Level
Learn Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, and other Challenging Aspects of Advanced Speakers
Work on Pronunciation and Clarity when Speaking
Write Succinctly and Get Your Point Across with Fewer Words
Master Presentations and Practice them Beforehand

TruFluency isn’t your typical online language school. We’re experienced adult coaches in language (from beginner to very advanced), not an app or a self-paced program you do on your own.

Your needs and approach to learning a second language is different from anyone else. In the first class, we dive deep into your goals and create a curriculum so that each lesson is designed for YOUR needs


We understand that learning a new language can be daunting. Knowing in advance what to expect can make the process smoother. That is why we offer a 2-hour trial class (1 hour per session, 2 sessions) with one of our language coaches! Priced at only $59 with no obligations attached. Get started today!

Why did Micah Bellieu Start TruFluency?

Because she didn’t want anyone to feel like she felt when trying to communicate in another country.

Online Language Classes Designed for YOU

Our TruFluency and Assimilation Coaches find out what’s critical for you, and then focus the class around those needs and goals.


Present like a red carpet rock star. Practice with your language coach and nail it every time.


Do you struggle because people ask you to repeat yourself? Get the tips you need to speak clearly.

Talk to Family

Want to speak to your wife’s family in another country? We’ll make sure your mother-in-law falls in love with you!


Find it hard to relate to your coworkers because you’re from a different culture? We’ll help take care of that by equipping you with what you need to be culturally relevant.

Make Your Fluency a Priority. We certainly will.

While all our students come from different backgrounds, the ONE thing they have in common is that they are serious about transforming second language communication, and they need convenient lessons that fit into their own schedule.


Active Clients

Fluent Clients

Cups of Coffee

Our Fluency Tutors

We don’t let just anyone teach with us. Teaching with TruFluency is a coveted position and the title of Fluency and Assimilation Coach is a much-desired title.

Unlike other online language schools, we have interviewed and vetted every single TruFluency Coach in a FACE TO FACE interview. Yes, that’s right. They cannot apply online and automatically get a profile put up. We must ensure that they will live by the TruFluency Bellieu Method guidelines and align with our culture and way of teaching, not to mention having an AWESOME personality.

Ready for a Fluency Coach?

Choose a package. Then schedule!

It’s that simple.

Online Language Classes





Happy Student Testimonials

My TruFluency instructor is an excellent Spanish teacher! She is always prepared and uses a variety of resources to make it fun. She is also very patient and encouraging! I highly recommend TruFluency!


Great lessons, it was an ‘ear opening’ experience. I had a great teacher, I already learned to pronounce correctly words that I couldn’t for decades!


The instructor is so awesome, she has lots of props, and really loves to teach, and motivates me to learn, read and write Spanish! Thanks for working with me to learn Spanish, I am very happy with TruFluency!!!!

Tracy Robles

I really like the confidence I have now in the way I write.


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