French Language Tutor

We don’t let just anyone teach with us. All our awesome French tutors are personally interviewed and vetted. We accept only the best online language coaches!

EXPERIENCED French TUTORS. Flexible Scheduling.

Want a customized online French course, with a private tutor who is a native French speaker? TruFluency is who you can trust. Choose a private language class package (4, 8, or 12) and we will reach out to schedule classes that fit your timetable.

In the first class, the online French tutor will want to get to know you personally and create a course just for your needs.

Everyone has different goals – perhaps yours is to start with basic French phrases – so we believe your course should specifically reflect those goals.

Check out a few of our teachers below – we have many more available and can meet any scheduling need.

Meet a Few of Our French Tutors

TruFluency French Teacher | Albine


French Coach (France)
14+ Years Experience.

Albine is a teacher with University qualifications to teach French as a foreign language. Her background in business and logistics and her experience living abroad for 8 years (Hong-Kong, London, Sao Paulo, Brazil) make her courses both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. She always focuses on the needs of each client.

She loves the mountains, skiing in the winter, golfing in the summer, yoga, and also talking about painting exhibitions.

Hours of Availability:
Mon – Fri > 4 pm – 1 am

TruFluency French Teacher | Cécile


French Coach (France)
5+ Years Experience.

Began teaching French online with the American Special Operations Forces, then the Alliance Française. She has developed a strong passion to share her native language. In her classes, she focuses on clear communication, strives to give an immersive experience and quickly adapts to the specific needs of each client and makes them feel unique.

In her spare time, she loves reading, barre classes, and learning foreign languages.

TruFluency French Teacher | Rémy


French Coach (France)
5+ Years Experience.

Rémy is a French and English (CELTA) teacher, working mostly in Vietnam (Hanoi), and in Paris since September 2019. He studied law, loves Thaï boxing, and cooking. Are you fed up with boring classes with “The blue ball is on the red chair” sentence-like? I’m your man!

You can be sure that with me grammar rules will serve your expression and won’t only be made for monotonous exercises.


30 Easy French Words to Learn

30 Easy French Words to Learn

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