Are you looking to travel to Mexico for either business or pleasure? Then, of course, it is best to come prepared and ready to delve into the culture of Mexico. To help you on this journey, I have compiled the most common culture questions about Mexico.

Mexico is a culturally diverse country and is home to a wide range of plants, animals, and indigenous groups. In fact, even though many of us believe that Spanish is Mexico’s official language, surprisingly, it is not! Rather, there are over 300 languages spoken by various ethnic groups, which only exhibits Mexico’s diversity. Wow, that is a lot of languages!

You can also see the lavish display of creativity and authenticity in the country’s cuisine, dance, and music. With its world-renowned cuisine, including spicy food and exhilarating alcoholic drinks (like tequila), you will be able to immerse your taste buds in a new experience with every bite. The dance and music that emerged from this lovely country is nothing to scoff at as well. Not only has it received countless global recognition, but it is something that emanates and resonates with the heart. I remember the many times I felt like crying when listening to a Mexican love song!

And these facts are just the foundation of the cake! Here are 5 fascinating cultural questions about Mexico to further whet your appetite for this beautiful country.

Let’s dive in!

1. Is there one of the seven wonders of the world in Mexico?

Yes! El Castillo, which means the castle in Spanish, is noted to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Now, these wonders may vary depending on the list. However, this notorious landmark has been a constant member throughout.

El Castillo is also known as The Temple of Kukulkan. It receives its name from its pre-Columbian Mayan history, where it served as a place of worship for Kukulkan, the Mayan serpent god. The monument is also known for having snakes with feathers running along its staircase.

In the Mexican culture, certain weird events surround this sacred temple, making it a well-visited tourist attraction. A perfect place for all mystic lovers.

2. Does Mexico have the largest bullring in the world? 

Bullfighting is one of the most giant pastimes in Mexico (next to football, of course). However, the twist is that despite it being introduced to the Mexican people by the Spaniards, its popularity is vastly higher compared to Spain. Hence why it is no surprise that Mexico has the largest bullring in the world, Plaza de Toros.

This tourist attraction and sports venue is a can’t miss. There is the sheer excitement, tasty snacks, and adrenaline pumping, plus you can bask in the fun, enjoyment, and fiery emotions! Again, it is a can’t miss!

3. How many UNESCO Heritage Sites are in Mexico?

Everyone knows UNESCO! It’s a global UN agency tasked with preserving cultural, scientific, and environmental monuments. And this purpose is shown with the conservation of culturally and historically significant landmarks called Heritage Sites.

To fully understand the beauty of a country’s culture, you must first dive into its history. And the best way to do this is by visiting its UNESCO Heritage Sites. The good news is that Mexico has over 34 UNESCO Heritage Sites, making it one of the world’s largest.

So, take your time and slowly fall in love with Mexico’s heritage by visiting each site. Because whether they are naturally-crafted or created by man’s hands, each Heritage Site has its one beauty and history to offer. To help you start off your list, I have a few notable sites:

  • Guanajuato
  • Mexico City
  • Puebla
  • ancient Mayan pyramids and ruins in Chichen Itza,
  • and the large agave field of Tequila.

4. What is Mexico’s Day of the Dead?

Many different countries have their own special holiday or celebrations. One unique world-renowned holiday is Mexico’s Day Of The Dead. This particular day celebrates both and life and death as you reflect on those who have passed and those who are still living.

What makes the Day of the Dead so memorable is its decorations. Supporters are adorned with bright and colorful skulls and skeletons. On this day, you will learn more about Mexico’s unique traditions, taste delicious snacks and sweets, and party with the locals. All of these comes together into an extraordinary experience that will last you a lifetime!

5. What is Mexico’s Folk Music and Art?

Mexico’s traditional folk music and art are known around the world. Popular folk music styles include Mariachi, Ranchera, and Norteño. And who doesn’t know and love a Mariachi Band?! Loved by many, these music styles can come with their own lyrics, style, and flair. And did you know that these folk music styles have birthed different modern styles, such as reggaeton, salsa, ska, and hip hop?

In the same breath, littered throughout Mexico are different forms of traditional folk art. These are displayed in the streets, buildings, or other landmarks, and easily attract millions of tourists each year. It is almost like staying walking through a living art museum! If you are looking to appreciate Mexico’s historical art expression, there are many places you can find. For instance, Zacatecas and Nayarit showcase the many statues and masks crafted by the Huichol people and are decorated with vibrantly colorful beads. In Oaxaca, crafted by a distinctive black clay found in Mexico, there are many statues, sculptures, and artifacts that you can enjoy.

Planning your Next Trip to Mexico?

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