There are so many ways you can learn a language. You can attend formal classes or do something more adventurous like signing up for immersion groups in countries that speak the target language. You can also download apps or take classes online.

One of the most effective ways that you learn a language is by hiring a private language tutor. You can have access to a language tutor both offline and online and they have more flexibility in scheduling (versus having a fixed class every week.)

However, some language learners aren’t convinced that language tutors work or are worth the money. We’ve compiled a brief list of pros and cons so that you can come to a decision on whether or not language tutors are worth it.

Pros of Having a Language Tutor

1. Value for Your Money
Language tutors provide great value for your money. As a result of the one-on-one nature of tutoring, you get to be the main focus. You’re paying them to focus on you and your needs. The individual attention may work out to your advantage depending on the type of language learner you are.

One of the reasons why that’s true is because you have a say in lessons. You also have the space to give and receive feedback and criticize or receive criticism. If there is something you’re struggling with or a topic you want to learn or spend more time on, you can communicate that with your tutor.

You’re therefore able to spend your money on what you want to learn. Relevancy and not wasting your precious time is key! In addition to that, you may be more motivated to learn because you’re paying your hard-earned money.

2. Someone to Keep You Accountable
Unlike in a traditional class, where you can blend into the background, that isn’t the case with having a face-to-face tutor. As said before, you are the focus, which means you’re the only one the teacher is going to call on for the answers. You can’t hide behind Miss Smarty Pants in the front row.

But this means you get 100% of the talk time, which is what makes you fluent. You’ll receive motivation from your tutor too, and someone making sure you’re keeping up with the lessons. Some people lack discipline, and having someone to hold them accountable makes all the difference.

3. Ability to Work Remotely (if desired)
You have the option of having an online tutor or having someone that you meet with in person. That level of flexibility can be appreciated by any language learner. Not having to go to a location can save you time and money, which is important to most people.

However, some people prefer having a sit down with someone in person and that’s also available. TruFluency offers online tutoring only, whatever schedule you want, changing from week to week. Or Fluency Corp gives you the option of in-person or online, but it should be a set schedule. You choose which is best for you.

Cons of Having a Language Tutor

1. It Can Be Time-Consuming
Unlike downloading an app and speaking to native speakers on it when you feel like, learning from a language tutor will require a bit more commitment. Since it’s also a job for them, they’ll want you to commit to certain hours (which is really for your own good!). Consistent exposure to the language will help you learn it faster.

And inconsistent classes will keep you paying, while relearning the same information if you take classes every other week.

In addition to time in class, you may be required to do some homework between sessions. Of course, this is likely beneficial for you, but people who are already strapped for time may have difficulty keeping up with the classes, the homework, and all their other responsibilities. It’s a good thing TruFluency always gives FUN homework. Who wants to do boring homework?

2. You Might Not ‘Click’ with Your Tutor
Just because someone is an excellent teacher, doesn’t mean they’ll be an excellent teacher for you. Language tutors, though qualified, vary in their level of qualifications, and of course, personality.

Knowing what you need to get from them is also important and will help you sift through your options. In addition to that, the tutor-teacher dynamic varies from tutor to tutor, so if you’re not vibing with your teacher, find another one!

The more fun it is, the more you will learn. That’s why we always say that “fun, interesting, and relevant” are the keys to a good private language lesson. Also, make sure you can easily switch teachers, no matter what online program you go with.

3. Language Tutors Can Be Expensive
While it may be cheaper than packing up and going to a foreign country to learn the language, language tutors can still put a strain on your finances. The fact that it can be expensive may motivate you to not waste your own money and take the lessons more seriously.

You also have the option of supplementing your learning with cheaper resources (apps, podcasts, TV, videos, Youtube, software, etc), so you learn quicker. The good news is that there are many options with online tutoring usually being the cheaper option. Here at TruFluency, you select a language tutor and pay monthly for either 8, 12, or 16 hours, with no contract – you can cancel at any time.

The Conclusion? Language Tutors are Worth It!

There is no doubt that having a language tutor, whether online or offline, can be very beneficial for a language learner.

Whether or not a language tutor is right for you is really dependent on the type of learner you are. Don’t be afraid to give a private language tutor a try!

Language can only be learned by speaking it, so at some point, you’ll need to interact with someone. Imagine learning how to play the piano, but never actually playing it. You can’t learn by only studying, that’s for sure!

Find the right tutor for you today.