If you clicked on this blog, chances are you feel ready to take the next step in your Spanish language learning journey. Congratulations! It’s no easy task to arrive at this level. You’ve probably passed many language tests and studied for hours the most difficult grammar topics.

Maybe you’ve even tried to speak Spanish and felt embarrassed, because it’s not your first language. Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes, everything has led you to this point. Now prepare to advance even more!

We know the road ahead might make you nervous. But did you know that you can make it easier using one of the most commonly used apps? One that you’ve probably used many times, maybe even every day.

We’re talking about YouTube! Believe it or not, this app where you spend hours listening to music and watching funny videos, can also be useful for your Spanish journey.

There are many Spanish teachers sharing their knowledge on YouTube. Because TruFluency cares about you, we’ll show you our top three YouTube channels to learn Spanish for advanced learners.

1. María Español

We’re starting strong! You’re no longer a beginner, so the more Spanish you hear, the better. This applies for your classes; you should start hearing your lessons in Spanish. That’s the best way to acquire the language and not just memorize a couple of words and grammar topics. With this channel you’ll achieve that.

María is a Spanish teacher that dictates all her video lessons in complete Spanish. So you’ll learn the topics she’s teaching and improve your listening skills at the same time.

Her videos are for intermediate and advanced learners. This makes it the perfect channel to transition from intermediate to advanced level.

On the channel description she says she loves grammar, so if you’re struggling with it, this is your channel! She has many different grammar videos, including some about a topic we know a lot of foreigners find difficult: the subjunctive. But she doesn’t just have videos about that.

She also gives tips and tricks to learn the language and to think in Spanish. As well as collaborations with other teachers, Spanish idioms, how to learn Spanish with songs and series, listening exercises and more. So even though the focus is on grammar, her channel is very complete to improve all language skills.

She even has test videos, which could help you see how you’re doing and if you’re really learning. In those, she’ll explain to you why a certain answer is the correct one, so you’ll leave the video with no doubts.

If you still aren’t sure you’re ready for the advanced level, check her intermediate tests to see how well you do in those. If you pass them all or have very few mistakes, then you’re ready; if not, that’s okay, keep practicing with María’s videos.

The length of her videos vary a lot. They can go from less than 10 minutes to more than half an hour. She also has shorts to teach you something very quickly.
Want to see why we believe this is a great channel to learn Spanish, especially grammar?

Check her tips to learn Spanish grammar video: ✔️ Cómo APRENDER gramática BIEN || Deja de pensar en los tiempos – Aprender español

2. Spanish with Vicente

Vicente is a Spanish teacher. He also helps prepare and examine students for the “Diploma Oficial de Español como Lengua Extranjera” (DELE) of the Instituto Cervantes. These are very important exams, because they certify that you have a good level of the Spanish language.

Instituto Cervantes is a highly recognized organization that helps educate about the Spanish language and its cultures. So, you can be sure that Vicente has all the knowledge you need to master the language.

Just like María, Vicente speaks complete Spanish in all videos and still manages to explain a new topic to you. The best of all is that he always gives examples, so you’ll know how to use what you’ve learned.

Don’t worry if you still feel like your listening is not the best. He supports his Spanish video lessons with images and the written words he’s teaching.

He has a wide variety of videos. Seriously, he teaches about everything! Which is good because then you can use Spanish in all aspects of your life, not just one. You’ll learn pronunciation, vocabulary for different circumstances, grammar topics and everyday expressions.

He also has videos with tips to learn the language and videos about the differences between Spanish and other languages. As well as analysis of the Spanish of some famous people and collaborations with other youtubers.

His videos can be about a general topic, like the types of the subjunctive mood, or very specific ones, like where he teaches you how to use one verb in particular.

Our favorite videos are the ones about vocabulary, because he has words and phrases for so many different situations. That is important at an advanced level. You should not be learning basic vocabulary, like how to say goodbye, anymore.

He teaches from political vocabulary to finances and rent in Spanish and even jargon that young people use.

He also encourages people to write examples of what he just taught you in the comments of the video. He checks some of those, so you can know if you’re right or wrong and see if you understood the lesson. It’s a lot like having a face-to-face teacher.

His videos don’t last a lot, they can vary from 9:00 minutes to 16:00 minutes or so. But if you’re in a rush or had a long day and don’t feel like studying, you can check one or two of his YouTube shorts. So, you can at least learn or reinforce something.

He also has a podcast named “Podcast para aprender Español” (Podcast to learn Spanish). You can also check it out on YouTube or Spotify and iTunes. This is great to improve your listening skills.

Plus, he has the “Objetivo DELE B2” YouTube channel. It prepares you to take the DELE B2 exam. So, if you have questions, doubts or are nervous, you can practice with the videos there.

Want even more resources? Fine! Here’s a list of his books to learn Spanish.

To see why we love his vocabulary videos, check this one about Spanish expressions with the word “dog”: 🐶 7 EXPRESIONES que usamos en ESPAÑA con la palabra PERRO 🐶

3. Español con Juan

Juan is a Spanish as a foreign language teacher who was born in Spain but lives in England. This means he really knows the challenges foreigners face when learning a second language and getting to know a new culture. Which is one of the reasons why he’s a great teacher.

This channel is just what advanced level learners need. It even says on his channel description that this is the perfect channel for you if you understand at least 50% or 60% of his videos.

After all, when you want to upgrade to an advanced language level, you already need to understand some of it. Of course, this channel will help improve your listening skills even more.

Juan is aware that many school language classes become boring, because they only teach you grammar rules and make you memorize things. He wants to change that with his channel, because he firmly believes that you can learn Spanish while having a good time. That’s why you’ll notice that his videos are not like any other.

He has tons of videos teaching you vocabulary through context. Like the video where he goes to the pool, so you learn Spanish for vacation and swimming. He also explains some grammar topics through context. That means he acts like different characters so you can see how certain topics would work in a real-life situation.

Others of his videos are teaching idioms in Spanish and songs to learn Spanish. As well as showing you the Spanish from other Hispanic countries as he is from Spain, and more.

You won’t feel like you’re studying, rather like you’re accompanying him in his life or you’re watching a series. The fun and entertaining nature of his videos not only make it an interesting channel but also a funny one. This, at the same time, makes it a channel to learn, but especially to ACQUIRE the Spanish language.

It’s like he uses the immersion method of teaching, which consists in using the target language for everything, not just for classes and memorizing words. Oh, yes that means that just like Vicente and María, Juan also only speaks Spanish.

His videos can go from less than ten minutes to half an hour. He has a few shorts in case you’re in a rush. He also has live videos stored on his YouTube, which are the ones that last the longest as most of them pass the hour. See? You can choose which type of video to watch according to your schedules.

Check this video where he tells you his story to motivate you to follow your dreams: Dejar la zona de confort y seguir tus sueños. 🇪🇸 🇬🇧

How Advanced Learners Can Use YouTube to Learn Spanish

Make sure you watch different Spanish teachers on YouTube, don’t just stick to one. This will help you improve your listening skills, as each will have a different accent, voice and talking speed. It’ll also help you learn different idioms and expressions.

Most importantly, maybe one focuses on grammar, another one on pronunciation and the last one on culture. So, you’ll learn different language skills with each. Above, we gave you three diverse Spanish YouTubers, watch all of them and use their content to your favor.

Create a routine. It might sound crazy to tell you to create a routine to watch YouTube. But you probably have other responsibilities, like work or kids, besides studying Spanish. So, you need to create a schedule to not go crazy with everything you have to do.

Otherwise, you might end up saying you’ll study tomorrow and usually that means it won’t happen. If you’re too busy, you can assign one language skill to each day and watch a video accordingly.

For example: Mondays at 10:00 am are for grammar; Wednesdays at 5:00 pm are for pronunciation, and Fridays before sleep are for listening.

Watch and listen to videos that aren’t about language learning. Just pick your favorite YouTubers in Spanish. Believe it or not, this will help you learn a lot. This is because you’ll see native Spanish speakers talking about various topics.

So, you’ll learn formal and informal ways of expressing yourself in Spanish during different situations. Plus, you’ll increase your vocabulary and your knowledge about the culture, among other language skills. The best of all is that you’ll have fun, because you won’t even be studying!

Learn Languages Beyond YouTube with TruFluency

Here at TruFluency, we’ve already shown you the best YouTube channels to learn Spanish for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Now, we’re ready to teach you even more things, like useful vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, speaking and maybe even another language!

You’ll learn all that with our amazing native teachers, who will customize the lessons to your language goals and needs. They’ll also make special time for speaking practice, because that’s the only way you’ll achieve language fluency.

Our Bellieu Method will particularly help you with that. It is built to make you practice what you just learned by speaking. That way, you’ll truly remember the lesson, because you’ll be using it.

All our classes are completely online, so you can study from anywhere. We also offer flexible schedules to fit your agenda. All you have to do is sign up for one of our monthly subscription packages for 4, 8 or 12 sessions. Or take our two-hour trial class for $49.