If you love watching videos online, you can take advantage of YouTube for your Spanish learning journey. YouTube is a great tool to improve your language skills. If you just started taking your Spanish classes, YouTube can be a helpful and fun complement to them.

Or it can be a good first approach to the language if you want to start learning Spanish but aren’t very confident yet. If you can’t afford classes now, start learning Spanish with YouTube for free.

But with so many videos and YouTubers out there, how do you know where to start? Who is worth your time? Who is effective? What is a good method? Well, here at TruFluency, we gathered the top 3 YouTube channels to learn Spanish for beginners to the language.

1. The Language Tutor

Danny Evans is the language instructor on The Language Tutor. If you’re a complete beginner, his videos are perfect because he speaks English when teaching. Every now and then, he throws in a word or phrase in Spanish; not essential for the topic, just as a fun expression. Of course, he also teaches you the Spanish words and phrases necessary for the lecture of the day. He teaches you how to write and pronounce it.

The Language Tutor is on our top YouTube channel to learn Spanish because a lot of the videos on this channel are about important grammar topics on how to communicate in Spanish. You can watch them without following any particular order, just choose the topic you’re interested in. Or, if you know zero Spanish, you can check out his “Spanish Lessons for Beginner Learners” playlist. There, you’ll find the Spanish video lessons in order, so you truly learn from the beginning.

Most of his videos are around ten minutes, but they can be longer if the topic requires it. Nonetheless, they’re short enough to watch at least two of his lessons a day if you have time. Though, if you’re in a true hurry, you can watch his YouTube shorts. There, he gives you quick tips about this language, like which things not to say in Spanish.

On this channel, you’ll also find some English lessons from language teacher Robin Bates. She speaks Spanish while teaching English. So you could also utilize these videos to learn Spanish. If you check the comment section, you’ll see that some of the subscribers already do that, and they claim that it works.

There are also some French classes on this channel. So, if you’re also interested in this language, check out those videos too.

He also has “The Language Tutor Podcast” in case you’re more of an auditory learner. The lessons there are also about the Spanish language and you can find them on YouTube, Spotify, or iTunes.

To get an idea of The Language Tutor’s teaching style, check out “How To Say Letters In Spanish *Spanish Lesson 1)*”!

2. Dreaming Spanish

Dreaming Spanish is a YouTube channel with different Spanish teachers, but the main one is Pablo Román. They understand that the best way to teach and learn a language is through immersion. So, they always speak in Spanish. This way you start training your ear, and your brain will pick up vocabulary and pronunciation little by little.

They also teach through interesting stories and games in Spanish. Because it’s better to learn something new by having fun. Don’t worry if you still don’t understand a lot of Spanish. They speak slowly and use mime and drawings to help you along the way.

And because they know that culture is an important part of language learning, they also have videos dedicated to this. They have covered topics like the history of Spain, the best Argentinian cities, a popular Mexican legend, and more. That’s another great thing about them: they teach you things about many different Spanish-speaking countries, not just one. Oh, and they have some videos exploring some beautiful places.

They have a playlist for super beginner learners and another one for beginners. So if you have zero experience with the language, you can start with those videos. Then, once you’re confident, you can watch their intermediate playlist. And, they also have an advanced playlist. So, even though we recommend this channel for beginners, it’s still perfect for all levels.

To get a better understanding of why this channel is in our list of top 3 top YouTube channels to learn Spanish, watch this storytelling video: “The story of Garbancito – Superbeginner Spanish”.

3. Easy Spanish

Easy Languages is a YouTube channel that aims to teach different languages and cultures through videos and interviews with native speakers with channels for specific languages, one of them being Easy Spanish.

On this channel, they teach vocabulary and cultural facts through interactive videos. For the vocabulary or grammar lessons, the host explains things by acting or mimicking the words and topics.

They also explore places and show you the words of the things they see, and the phrases to communicate properly. For the cultural lessons, they interview native Spanish speakers that are walking along the street. So you learn from actual locals about their food, traditions, politics, idioms, and overall everyday lives. By listening, you also learn accent and pronunciation.

These videos are perfect for beginners because your brain will acquire Spanish similar to how you did with your native language. You’ll hear the Spanish language, you’ll watch people acting it out, and you’ll be immersed in the culture before even beginning to write it.

Plus, all of their videos are subtitled in Spanish and English. So, if you’re a complete beginner, you can read the English subtitles. When you’re more confident, start following the Spanish subtitles. And then eventually, you’ll stop reading the subtitles, and just watch and listen to the video.

You will see why Easy Spanish is on our list of top YouTube channels to learn Spanish when you watch this video about Mexican food facts: “Mexican Spicy Food: Truths and Myths | Easy Spanish 274”.

How Beginners Can Use YouTube to Learn Spanish

  • Watch at least two different YouTube channels for learning the Spanish language. One, preferably about Spanish grammar, where they speak and explain everything in English. And another one where they speak in Spanish, so you get immersed in the language.
  • Learning should be fun. So don’t watch only grammar videos. Have fun by watching some channels about Spanish-speaking cultures. You’ll love their interesting facts, and maybe even laugh at one or two everyday expressions.
  • Watch other YouTube channels that don’t talk about languages, but rather about other topics that you’re interested in. Just make sure that they are speaking in Spanish. This way you’ll learn without even noticing because you’ll be chilling and enjoying the video. You can even put it in the background while doing something else. Your ear will get used to hearing Spanish, without the pressure of learning.

Complement YouTube Learning with TruFluency Spanish Classes

YouTube can be perfect if you are not sure if Spanish is the language you want to learn because by watching the videos – especially if you watch the ones from our list of top YouTube Channels Learn Spanish. You’ll get an idea of the language and realize if you truly like it.

Or it can be a great tool to start learning by yourself while saving money for the classes. But YouTube can’t teach you everything there’s to know about Spanish and it can’t replicate having a conversation with a real person.

If you truly want to get deep into the language, you should take classes. TruFluency offers fun, online customized Spanish lessons with a live conversation coach. We follow the Bellieu Method to help you achieve fluency. You’ll speak in every class because practice makes perfect.

And our native-speaking teachers will make sure that you learn useful words, idioms, and expressions. So you can actually hold a conversation in Spanish and sound like a local.

Start now and get 20% off of your first month of classes with the code TF20. Let us help you acquire the Spanish communication skills that you want.