Getting ready for a date with your significant other? Are you courting a Spanish-speaking person? Are you having fun soon and want to impress with a few choice phrases in Spanish? Curious to know what kind of things you would say in bed if you were fluent in Spanish?

Then, you’re at the right place. Spanish Imperatives, likes and dislikes are the way we give commands, and convey wants and discomfort.

Therefore, they are the most practical and easy ways to make the sentences you need to express your desires in Spanish. While talking isn’t compulsory to having adult fun, being able to communicate your needs and desires can have a positive effect on your experiences. So, continue reading to master expressing wants, likes, and dislikes to a lover in Spanish.

Spanish Imperatives: Getting bossy

The imperative is a verb mood that we use to express orders, give advice, and make direct requests to others. Since we cannot order ourselves to do something (I mean… we have free will), we don’t use it in the first person.

The Spanish imperative works with the pronouns we can give orders to, such as (do something (you)), vosotros, usted y ustedes (do something (you guys)).

Thus, the imperative is a versatile way to describe the actions you want others to perform on you or do for you.

These examples are all telling someone to do something:

  • Tócame/ Toca mi(s)…
    (Touch me/ Touch my…)
  • Bésame/ Besa mi(s)…
    (Kiss me/ Kiss my…)
  • Agárrame/ Agarra mi(s)…
    (Grab me/ Grab my…)
  • Arráncame la ropa
    (Tear off my clothes)
  • Dame más
    (Give me more)
  • Hazme el amor
    (Make love to me)
  • Abrázame
    (Hug me)
  • Chupa/Succiona mi(s)…
    (Suck my…)
  • Acaricia mi(s)
    (Caress my)
  • Aprieta mi(s)
    (Squeeze my)
  • Introduce tu X en mi Y
    (Put your X in my Y)
  • Tómame
    (Take me)
  • Hazme tuyo(a)
    (Make me yours)
  • Utilízame
    (Use me)
  • Haz presión en…
    (Put pressure on…)
  • Usa tu(s)…
    (Use your…)
  • Lame mi…
    (Lick my…)
  • Jálame el pelo
    (Pull my hair)
  • Nalguéame
    (Spank me)
  • Fóllame/Cógeme duro
    (F**k me hard)
  • Amárrame
    (Tie me up)
  • Estrangúlame
    (Choke me)

Describing wants, desires, and cravings in Spanish

You can describe your wants, desires, and cravings to your lover with Spanish verbs like: querer, desear, necesitar, excitar, and provocar in the present tense, conditional mood, or future tense, along with any creative elements you’d like to add to them.

Additionally, you can say how you feel with verbs like estar or ser plus adjectives, or suggest different scenes with forms like quiero que (I want you to….), me encantaría que (I would love you to…) plus verbs in the subjunctive mood.

  • Realmente te necesito ahora mismo.
    (I really need you right now)
  • Me excita tanto pensar en ti.
    (It excites me so much to think about you)
  • Quiero darte el mejor sexo de tu vida.
    (I want to give you the best sex of your life)
  • Esta noche puedes hacerme lo que quieras.
    (Tonight you can do to me whatever you want)
  • Estoy impaciente porque estemos solos para poder desnudarte.
    (I can’t wait for us to be alone, so I can undress you)
  • Cuando llegue quiero verte con mi falda favorita y sin bragas.
    (When I arrive, I want to see you with my favorite skirt and without panties)
  • Me encantaría que fueras mi esclavo(a)/sumiso(a).
    (I would love you to be my slave/submissive)
  • Quiero que me hables al oído.
    (I want you to talk to me in my ear)
  • Tengo ganas de sentarme en tu cara.
    (I really want to sit on your face)
  • Se me antoja lamerte los pies.
    (I really want to lick your feet)
  • No puedo esperar a sentirte dentro.
    (I can’t wait to feel you inside of me)
  • Echemos un polvo.
    (Let’s f**k)

Likes and Dislikes

You can use the classic me gusta (I like) and no me gusta (I don’t like), or refine your vocabulary with me encanta (I love), me desagrada (I don’t like), me calienta (that makes me hot), or me enfría (that turns me off), and play with puns or idiomatic expressions.

This way, you can broaden your pickup lines, sexting skills, and erotic conversations in Spanish while making the most of cultural immersion.

  • Me gusta el contacto visual.
    (I like eye contact)
  • Me desagrada que me agarren la cabeza cuando estoy dando sexo oral.
    (I dislike being grabbed by my head when I’m giving oral sex)
  • Me encanta que me seduzcan.
    (I love to be seduced)
  • Me calienta disfrazarme para tener sexo.
    (It turns me on to dress up/role play during sex)
  • Me enfrían los eyaculadores precoces.
    (Premature ejaculators turn me off)
  • Me encanta lo húmeda que estás ahora mismo.
    (I love how wet you are right now)
  • Esta es la mejor sensación del mundo.
    (This is the best feeling in the world)
  • Me enciende hacerlo de perrito.
    (It turns me on to do it doggystyle)
  • Me apaga que la otra persona sea desaseada.
    (It turns me off that the other person is dirty/unclean)
  • Me pones tan caliente.
    (You make me so horny.)
  • La posibilidad de vivir mi fantasía contigo me pone muy cachondo(a).
    (The possibility of living out/playing out my fantasy with you makes me so horny.)
  • Detesto que sean violentos conmigo.
    (I hate (people) to be violent with me.)
  • Disfruto mucho el juego previo contigo.
    (I enjoy foreplay with you very much.)
  • Me desanima tener que planear tanto nuestros encuentros sexuales.
    (It bums me out to have to plan out our sexual encounters so much.)
  • Mi fantasía sexual es…
    (My sexual fantasy is…)
  • Soy amante del BDSM.
    (I am a BDSM lover.)
  • Adoro a los hombres altos.
    (I adore tall men.)
  • Amo a las mujeres con curvas.
    (I love curvy women.)
  • Se me moja la canoa cada vez que me emborracho.
    (Idiom used by males to describe intercourse with other men while drunk, “I lose it every time I get drunk”)
  • Disfruto echar una canita al aire de vez en cuando.
    (Idiom used by people no matter the gender to say “I enjoy cheating once in a while”)
  • ¡Qué rico!
    (That’s nice/ That’s hot/ That’s good)
  • Sigue así
    (Keep it up/ Keep going)
  • Así no
    (Not like that)
  • ¡Para!/¡Detente!
  • Eso duele
    (That hurts)

Practice Saying Spanish Imperatives to your Lover with this formula

Intimidated by the thought of improvising sexual Spanish imperatives to your lover? Here we show you a consent-driven formula that will help you break this idea while not pushing people’s boundaries. It’s important to test the waters of the conversation to ensure you’re not hurting any feelings or ruining the fantasy.

At first, you may feel silly or embarrassed, but after finding the groove with your partner, soon the words will roll off your tongue. From there, there’s no limit to exploring the intimate world with Spanish-speaking expressions.

Here are the steps to talk dirty in Spanish if you’re not fully confident about what works best:

Say What You Want To Do

Quiero que camines desnudo(a) por la cocina en tacones.
(I want you to walk naked in the kitchen wearing heels)

Me gustaria que me cacheteases con el pene.
(I would like you to slap my face with your penis)

Ask Their Permission, and Wait For a Positive Answer

¿Podrías caminar desnudo(a) por la cocina en tacones?
(Could you walk naked in the kitchen wearing heels?)

¿Puedes cachetearme con el pene?
(Can you slap me with your penis?)

Do It

Perform the acts you proposed to your partner or wait for them to perform them on you.

Check In

Verify if your partner feels comfortable in that situation.

¿Te gusta caminar en tacones de esta manera?
(Do you like walking in heels in this way?)

¿Te gusta sentir como te doy golpecitos en la cara?
(Do you like how I give little slaps to your face?)

It may seem silly, but this will help you test the grounds to try out new things in bed. If you want to make these steps sound more natural, you can practice saying them out loud when you’re alone. This way, you’ll get yourself comfortable with vocalizing erotic words.

Do you want to be fluent in Spanish?

Get fully immersed in Spanish! To communicate better with a Spanish speaker (beyond fun Spanish imperatives!), it is important that you receive a steady input of useful words and phrases, and understand their context.

On top of that, you’ll need a lot of hours of practice with a live person. This includes knowing basic to intermediate-level verbs, common expressions, double entendres, idioms, and gaining confidence.

While we cannot give live lessons in the lover’s language, we can help you get conversational in everyday Spanish for the office, with coworkers, for travel, or for common conversations with friends.

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