Netflix and…Learn French?

We know the best way to learn a language is to hear it and speak it in real conversations. Learning French is no different. The nuances of language are not easily captured by textbooks. That’s why we use the Bellieu method, which focuses on speaking the language in real-world situations, instead of the traditional method of writing and reading, grammar and syntax.

Learning French can be so much easier when you integrate it into everyday activities – listening to podcasts, watching TV, listening to music, hanging out with native speakers, and most assuredly binge-watching Netflix movies, will allow you to learn the language faster and ensure you not only capture irregular verbs but the more authentic subtleties like tone and pronunciation.

Netflix is on Board with Language Learning.

You can even add a Google Chrome extension that allows you to read French and the translations into any other language, all simultaneously. WHA…?! In 2020, Netflix led the pack with twenty-four Oscar nominations and walked away with two victories. As the streaming God of the Internet, viewers are able to experience the culture and subculture of countries across the world like never before. If ever there was a time to take advantage of learning French with French shows featuring French natives, this is it. From rich pronunciation and clear caption to authentic humor, food, traditions and sceneries, Netflix provides some great options for you to learn French while enjoying a good story. Here are a few that have gotten some great feedback.

Learn French with CALL MY AGENT!

This comedy series features a fictional Parisian agency with all the drama that comes with showbiz – the access, the influence, the competition, the glam and (perceived) glamour. A more popular comedy series, it chronicles the jobs and lives of people employed at a talent agency, as they discover the true price of fame. One of the hallmarks of this series is the frequent cameos from actual real French movie stars; from Isabelle Huppert and Isabelle Adjani and Monica Bellucci, these stars make appearances and play a fictional (but believable) version of themselves. This series is perfect for learning about French culture and celebrities. 

Study French idioms with BARON NOIR

Toted as the French House of Cards, Baron Noir gives us a brief peek into the political frenzy of France. At the center of this psychodrama, two former friends: Mayor Philippe Rickwaert, and his mentor, Socialist presidential candidate Francois Laugier are constantly in conflict. Philippe, in an unexpected plot twist, forms an alliance with his enemy’s closest advisor after being betrayed by his former mentor. The political themes are eerily familiar as you wade through sabotage, power trips and smear campaigns. You are bound to draw parallels and idiosyncrasies to your own country.

Learn French intensity with MARSEILLE

This drama reeks of corruption, gang warfare and wayward politics. It’s set in Marseille, a French port city and is Netflix’s first European production. Lots of big names show up in this series as the power-hungry mayor of Marseille, Robert Taro, is challenged by his young, ambitious former apprentice. It’s hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind of political games that ensue.

Learn Everyday French with PLUS BELLE LA VIE

With over 4000 episodes, this French television soap opera has won the hearts of people all over the world. Over 5 million viewers tune in every day to follow the lives of wealthy (and not so wealthy) characters living in the Mediterranean port of Marseille. As good soaps do, it takes you through winding friendships and ever-evolving relationships with a touch of criminality.


At first glance, this looks like your usual reality cookery show, where three contestants vie for a coveted $10,000 cash prize and trophy in a bake-off to recreate complex desserts. Judges make a decision based on the taste and presentation of the dish. But these aren’t professional chefs at 5-star restaurants, they are your average amateur cooks with a history of baking bad desserts. Who will be “most improved” and grab the trophy and cash? Tune in to find out!


Can you really learn French by watching TV shows? Yes. There are numerous benefits to watching French TV shows to learn how people actually speak outside of the grammar rules and old-fashioned vocabulary learned by poring through textbooks and learning apps. So, when you get out into the world with native French speakers you’re not struggling to keep up with the speed, pronunciation, context or any other nuances of the language. 


Train your ear with French TV shows, in the comfort of your own home, where if you don’t understand – you can press rewind! Start with these French phrases first, and then check out our French tutors at TruFluency