Did you know that Russian is spoken by about 258 million people in the world? Russian is the official language for places like Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to that, you can find Russian speakers in many places in Eastern Europe and the United States. While Russian may seem intimidating, especially to English speakers, there are many advantages to learning the language.

Why Learn Russian?

Besides having millions of people to talk to and become a better person, there are many reasons you should pick up Russian. Such as:

It’s Easier to Navigate Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world and it has so much to offer. However, you won’t find most things in English there. Most Russians don’t speak English but people in big cities may be more used to English speakers. In any event, it would help you to learn Russian so you can better navigate the country and immerse yourself better in the culture.

You’ll Stand Out

While that seems like a lot of people, Russian is only the eighth most spoken language. According to Busuu, there are more English, Spanish, and Mandarin speakers than Russian.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to join the 104 million people who have Russian as a second language. Who knows, you may find your dream job in Eastern Europe and fit right in! Either way, it’s great to include this on your resume.

You Can Become an Astronaut

Okay fine, knowing Russian is just a very tiny part of being an astronaut but you’ll be one step closer. According to Busuu, foreign astronauts have to know a little bit of Russian because of Russia’s involvement with space technology. Even if you never go into space, you’ll have at least one thing in common with astronauts.

Learning a Language Comes With Many Benefits

Learning a foreign language doesn’t only make you cooler and more employable but it’s great for your brain. Learning a language is great for your memory as well as the plasticity of your brain. In addition to that, it may help improve your attention span which is always a win.

In addition to that, people who speak multiple languages are said to make better financial decisions.

25 Easy Russian Words to Learn

Before you read the list of words, we’ll just warn you that some of the letters may look unfamiliar. Russian uses a different alphabet (Cyrillic) than we do in English.

Here are 25 easy and useful Russian words to learn:

Здравствуйте Hello

Привет Hey (informal)

Я I am

Пока Bye (informal)

Спасибо Thank You

Простите Excuse Me

Да Yes

Нет No

Извините I’m Sorry

Водка Vodka

доктор Doctor

Еда Food

Хороший Good

Плохой Bad

Воды Water

Кофе Coffee

Туалет Toilet

Больница Hospital

Полиция Police

Помогите Help

Удачи Good Luck

Выход Exit

Меню Menu

Где Where

What To Do Next

Check out this blog if you’re looking for more Russian phrases, verbs, and words to add to your vocabulary list.

While vocabulary lists are good, they won’t make you fluent. In order to become fluent, you’ll need many contact hours with the language. Yes, that can include studying vocabulary lists and watching tv shows. However, we think the majority of time should be spent in conversation.

If you don’t know any native Russian speakers or you need extra help with grammar and structure, we suggest getting a language tutor. Our language tutors are trained to help you on your fluency journey using the Bellieu Method. We believe listening and conversation are the best ways to get fluent. After all, we use language to communicate.

Book our Russian tutor today if you’re ready to take your language learning to the next level. You can sign up for a trial class!