7 Ways Learning a Foreign Language Will Change Your Life

7 Ways Learning a Foreign Language Will Change Your Life

There’s an old Chinese proverb that tells us “learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” This means that by taking the effort to finally get a language tutor or even by watching an educational video in a foreign language, you are investing in your long-term success and personal growth. Learning a foreign language is an adventure filled with challenges, victories, and every kind of twist in the book. While it might be scary starting your language acquisition, the team at TruFluency promises you it’s worth it. Still skeptical? Read this article to find out exactly how learning a foreign language will change the way you think, feel, and live (hint; it will be for the better.)

Gaining Confidence by Learning a Foreign Language

The Power of Confidence: Think about the times you have felt confident in your life; maybe it was when you made partner in your firm, or when you finally reached your fitness goal. Humans generally gain confidence by setting goals, working towards them, and eventually reaching them despite the learning curves along the way. When you put forth the effort to find a tutor and learn a new language, you’ll transform the way others see you, and more importantly, the way you see yourself:

  • Confident Traveler: Learning a new language majorly impacts the way you experience your trips. Instead of spending most of your time with other tourists and staying inside of your comfort zone, your language abilities will give you a boost of courage to mingle with the locals, take healthy risks, and experience a culture firsthand.
  • Confident Communicator: Learning a new language as an adult is a great accomplishment. With your language skills, you’ll feel more confident chatting up new people and will also let future employers know that you prioritize communication and are a determined, dedicated learner.
  • Confident Person Overall: Even if your confidence stems from reaching a language learning goal, that accomplishment will color every other aspect of your life, making it easier to reach more goals and become even more self-assured in everything you do.

Explore your Personality and Faraway Places Through Language Learning

Discover A New Facet of Your Personality: Have you ever wanted to be someone else, just for a little while? When asked about his English skills, award-winning Japanese writer Haruki Murakami said that “learning another language is like becoming another person.” Each language has its distinct style, personality, and cultural ties that make it unique; so when you speak it, you take on a little bit of that personality too!

This is because the Spanish language is known for its pleasing sound and many Spanish cultures prioritize being cordial and welcoming to their acquaintances. When the same people spoke in American-English, they were rated as having more “intellectual efficiency”, which mirrors the individualistic, go-getter American attitude. Learning a new language doesn’t mean you let go of who you are now; it means that you can discover and play with parts of your personality you never knew existed!

Get Money Savvy by Learning a Foreign Language

Be Better With Money: Everyone can afford to be a little better with their money, and learning a foreign language can help! Researchers at the University of Chicago discovered a correlation between speaking a foreign language and the ability to make better financial choices. Psychologists at the university suggest that when people speak in a foreign language, they have more self-confidence and assess everything from different perspectives before they make a final financial decision.

Live Overseas For A Better Quality of Life: Your fantasy of living in a faraway country can finally come true, and it won’t break the bank! Living in a different country might reduce your cost of living, and even improve your general quality of life.

Every year, more and more people are deciding to retire abroad, and you can too! International Living Magazine just published a list of the top 10 best places to retire in the world, and the top 5 are all Spanish-speaking countries. By learning Spanish or another foreign language, you’ll be one step closer to living the dream.

TruFluency’s Plan to Get You Speaking a Foreign Language

Once you start learning one language, you’ll probably be hungry for more!
Learning one foreign language will open up opportunities to learn other languages in the same family, and give you the confidence you need to try new things and explore different parts of yourself. Ready to take control of your life and finally start learning a foreign language? You don’t have to do it alone! TruFluency’s experienced, passionate tutors will help you master a new language in real-time, and help you build both your professional and personal prospects; click HERE to sign up for a class today!


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