Are you looking to sound more like a native Argentinian? Awesome! Then, you must start working on your accent. There’s nothing wrong with having one. But if you really want to sound like a local, there are some sounds and pronunciation traits you have to change, depending on your accent.

And we understand your desire to improve. Let’s face it, the better accent you have, the more opportunities you’ll get, because it means people can understand you well. For example, you’ll be able to travel to Hispanic countries and get around just fine. Or speak with native Argentines without them asking you to repeat yourself a million times.

You could also get a good job, because you’ll be able to communicate clearly with clients and business partners, and so on. So, though it’s not bad to have an accent, polishing it is very helpful.

To do it, check how Argentinians speak and sound. Remember: the devil’s in the details, so pay close attention to those. But even when you study very hard, the accent can be tricky. You know a great hack that will help you tons? Watching Netflix!

No, we’re not kidding. If you watch TV, you won’t feel like you’re studying, so accent training won’t feel forced. Your ear will slowly get accustomed to the sounds of the natives and absorb important details. It’ll be like the way you acquired your mother tongue.

So, as masters of the Spanish language, we highly recommend working on your Argentinian accent with these 3 Netflix shows.

1. APACHE – La vida de Carlos Tévez

This series is a dramatization of the life of Argentinian soccer player Carlos Tévez. We see everything he had to overcome since he was a child soccer prodigy to become the famous soccer legend he is now. Tévez grew up in Fuerte Apache, hence the title.

This series has some strong, heart wrenching moments, so be aware of that. But it’s also a motivational story. What’s even better about it is that you’ll get to learn about a famous Argentinian public figure. It’s always good to know the figures that have shaped a country or are a huge deal in there.

And in Argentina it’s even better to learn about their amazing soccer players. Because soccer is very important there and they worship their players. So, learning about Argentinian soccer is like learning about one part of their culture and about what they love.

You’ll also get to learn everyday Argentinian expressions, as well as Spanish vocabulary for soccer and different life situations. And since there are different characters, you’ll get to hear the accents from different voices and perspectives. This is perfect for your ear training.

Watch the trailer: APACHE – La vida de Carlos Tevez | Tráiler Oficial | Netflix

2. El reino

This series follows a pastor who’s running for vice president. But during the close of the campaign, the man who’s running for president gets killed. So, there you go, in those few words you have thriller, drama, politics, and religion. The perfect package for a great, intense show that will have you on the verge of your seat.

This also means that by watching the show you’ll get vocabulary for some real-life situations and events. Vocabulary for things that surround you every day even if you wouldn’t want that. Things like politics, religion, and law. Three topics that are heavy, but very important in this world. These are also topics teachers don’t usually teach much vocabulary about in school. So, it’s good you have somewhere to learn it from.

But, of course, our main focus is on accent training. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of that on this show. “El reino” has just gotten a second season. So if you like the first one, this is a great opportunity to keep working on your accent while watching something you enjoy. And it’s such an intense show that you’ll get to hear how words and phrases sound through different emotions.

You’ll notice how the accent sounds when one is angry or sad. Because it sometimes can sound a little bit different; for example, some words get stronger when you’re angry. And so you’ll get a better grasp on the details of Argentinian accent.

Watch the trailer: El Reino | Tráiler oficial | Netflix

3. Casados con hijos

Do you want something more chill? Are you more of a sitcom kind of person? Then, this is your show. Have you ever heard of “Married with Children”? The American family show about a marriage, their two kids, and their neighbors? Well, this is the Argentinian remake, which was highly successful and even though it came out in 2005, it’s still very well known. You can now find this sitcom on Netflix.

What’s great about this show is that you’ll learn vocabulary for family situations, moments with your neighbors, and general everyday life. So, it’s very useful. Come on, what’s better than learning words and phrases that will actually work in reality! The best of it is that you’ll acquire this vocabulary while having tons of fun.

Since it’s also very popular in Argentina, you’ll be watching a show that natives love and consider part of their routines. After all, watching the shows the public watch is like getting to know a bit about them and about what they love. Oh, just as a curiosity, the series was also made in other countries, like Uruguay and Paraguay.

There’s a lot of dialogue, so that will be a huge advantage to adapt your ear to Argentinians speaking. Which will ultimately help you grab the accent.


Sound Like a True Argentinian with the Help of TruFluency

If you start watching any of these shows now, we bet you’ll improve a lot sooner than later. So, does that mean now you’re a pro of the Argentinian accent and need no other help?

Of course not, you could still benefit from other ways of learning and acquiring the accent. Like singing Argentinian songs or watching YouTubers from there to hear how they sound and speak. But what could help you even more are TruFluency Spanish classes.

We have native teachers that customize lessons to your language goals. So, if your main objective is to sound like a true Argentinian, so be it!

But that’s not it. Since we base our classes on our Bellieu Method, consisting of speaking using what you just learned, you’ll really become fluent in Spanish. That’ll be very beneficial for your accent, as the more you speak the more you’ll get to improve it.

Hey, you could be discussing your favorite Hispanic shows with your language class friends in a couple of months!

Choose one of our language packages and schedule lessons to fit your schedule. Or take a two-hour trial class. Oh, and prepare to impress Argentinians and all Spanish speakers!