Making friends in your community and at work can be so difficult for some of us. Trying to make friends by speaking another language can be so scary. Maybe you’re living and working in a Spanish-speaking country and have difficulty making friends.

Maybe you’re trying to make friends with Spanish speakers in your neighborhood or at work. If you’re having difficulty being social in another language, here are some basic Spanish phrases for making friends.

Making Friends at Work

Here are some questions and phrases perfect for small talk in the office or work site.

Buenos dias – Good morning

¿Cuanto tiempo has trabajado aquí?– How long have you worked here?

¿Qué es lo que más le gusta de trabajar aquí? -What do you like most about working here?

¿A dónde fuiste a la escuela? – Where did you go to school?

¿Que haces los fines de semana? – What do you do on the weekends?

¿Puedes recomendar un lugar para recoger un almuerzo rápido? – Can you recommend a place to pick up a quick lunch?

¿Conoces algún buen lugar para pasar el rato después del trabajo? -Do you know any great spots to hang out after work?

¿Dónde creciste? – Where did you grow up?

¿Quieres ir a tomar un café? – Do you want to go for coffee?

¡Que tengas una buena trade! – Have a great evening!

¿Dónde vive? – Where do you live?

Tips for Making Friends at Work

If you’re new at work and trying to make friends, here are some tips:

Be Polite
That means acknowledging your coworkers in the morning with a hello and a good morning.

Be Active in Company Activity
If the company is having a games night, potluck, office party, or some other social activity, participate. That will help you bond with your coworkers and you’ll make friends.

Lend a Helping Hand
Helping your coworkers when they need extra assistance, whether it be in workload or to carry something.

Make Small Talk
No, you don’t have to ask something boring about the weather but you can ask them where to go for lunch, and ask follow-up questions for information they made available to you. For example, if you ask their coworker about their weekend plans and they say they’re staying home with their kids, you could follow up with questions about their kids.

Observe Office Culture
This will help you find out what’s normal in the office so you have a better chance of fitting in.

Making Friends in your Neighborhood

Make lifelong friends in the neighborhood with these phrases and questions.

¿En qué trabajas? – What do you do for work?

¿Tienes hijos? – Do you have kids?

¿Cuantos años tienen tus niños? – How old are your children?

¿Sus hijos realizan actividades después de la escuela? Acabamos de mudarnos aquí y nos encantaría recibir sugerencias. – Do your kids do any after-school activities? We just moved here and would love suggestions.

¿Cómo está la familia? – How is the family?

Vamos a hacer una barbacoa en mi casa y mi familia y me encantaría que vinieras.
We’re having a barbeque at my house and my family and I would love it if you would come.

Mi nombre es [name], ¿cómo te llamas? – My name is…..what is your name?

¿Cuál fue su primer trabajo? – What was your first job?

¿Qué puedo hacer para divertirme en este vecindario? – What can I do for fun in this neighborhood?

¿Quieres venir a tomar un café o un té? – Would you like to come over for coffee or tea?

Tips for Making Friends in your Neighborhood

Acknowledge Your Neighbors
Introducing yourself to your neighbors is a great first step. Just say hello, tell them your name and normal pleasantries.

Invite Them for a BBQ
It’s totally normal in the US to invite your neighbors over for a BBQ, just make sure to give your guests at least 3 weeks’ notice.

Ask Your Neighbor for Suggestions
Ask your neighbors for interesting spots you should check out and see if they’d like to check it out with you.

The Role of a Language Tutor in Making Friends

Even though free apps like Duolingo is good for beginners, if you want to have great conversations with your coworkers and neighbors, you’ll need a language tutor.

Yes! Having an experienced and qualified Spanish language tutor is a great way to be better at making friends. Not only will you have the vocabulary to really deepen the friendship, but you’ll also have the confidence needed to make friends.

Language tutors will help you move past the regular pleasantries so that you can communicate even better in Spanish.

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