Are you learning Italian and want to acquire words that schools won’t teach you? Benvenuto! You’re in the right place.

Italian is a beautiful language with an amazing vocabulary. Learning it will allow you to travel to Italy and have a cooler visit. Because you’ll understand natives and will be more immersed in the lifestyle than if you didn’t know the language.

But just like when it happens with any language, there are some words and phrases that schools don’t like to teach you. Yes, we’re talking about swear words or “parolacce”, as Italians say. Nonetheless, they’re very important.

Whether we like it or not, swear words are part of people’s everyday vocabulary. And so they’re a must for when we learn Italian, especially if we’re planning a visit. We don’t want to pass an embarrassing moment of not knowing if someone is insulting us or just saying a general expression.

So, if you’re interested in all aspects of the Italian vocabulary, here are some Italian swear words you must know.

15 Italian Swear Words

1. Cazzo

Let’s start with a very common one: “Cazzo”. Literally it means dick. But as a swear word, “cazzo” is like saying “shit” or “fuck”. Can you see now why this is used as such a popular everyday expression? After all, it’s just like in the English language, where “fuck” is very common.

For example: “Cazzo! I just cut my hand cooking!”

2. Testa di cazzo

On that same line, we have “Testa di cazzo”. “Testa” means “head”. And we already said “cazzo” is dick. So, “testa di cazzo” means “dickhead”.

For example: “Do the right thing; don’t be a testa di cazzo”.

3. Cazzata

Do you want to continue with the “cazzo” words? We have another good one for you: “Cazzata”. You do notice how this one looks a lot like the ones above, right? But in this case, it’s used as “bullshit”.

For example: Let’s say a coworker is making rumors about a friend of yours, you could say: “Cut the cazzata, Paolo; that’s not true”.

4. Idiota

This one won’t be difficult to memorize as it’s very similar to its English counterpart: “Idiot”.

For example: Imagine a friend of you betrays you, you could tell them: “You’re an idiota”.

5. Merda

This is another very common bad word, and it also means “shit”. So it’s very useful as a vulgar expression for when something goes wrong.

For example: Let’s say you hit yourself on the pinky toe, you would almost instinctively say: “Merda!” Or if you see someone crash their car: “Merda!”

It’s also used to insult someone or something. To do that you add a “di” at the beginning. For example: “Film di merda” (shitty movie).

6. Coglione

This is a vulgar word for “testicle”. So, as a swear word, use this one to insult someone that’s a jerk or a moron.

For example: “Why do you always bother the teacher? Stop being a coglione”.

7. Accidenti!

Here’s one that it’s not extremely offensive, but it’s still a swear word. “Accidenti!” is an expression for when you’re shocked. It’s like saying “damn it!”.

For example: “Accidenti! I forgot to do the homework!”

8. Vaffanculo

This is like “fuck off”, “fuck you” or “go fuck yourself”. You could also say it in its shortest way: “Fanculo”.

For example: Imagine someone insults you, you could answer with a “vaffanculo!”.

9. Stronzo / Stronza

This one means “asshole”, “jerk” or “bitch”. “Stronzo” is for men and “stronza” is for women.

For example: “Paul is a stronzo, he cheated on me”. Or “What a stronza, she slapped me”.

10. Che palle!

Literally this means “what balls”. But as an idiom it’s an expression to say that something is boring, annoying or that it sucks.

For example: “The music festival was canceled. Che palle!”

It also exists “che due palle!”. Which literally means “what two balls”. And it is like “what the heck!”.

For example: “Che due palle! They put salt in my coffee!”

11. Porca puttana

This is a strong, vulgar expression used when you’re angry. It’s like “fuck”, “fucking hell” or “for fuck’s sake”.

For example: “Porca puttana! She stole my car!”

12. Figlio di puttana!

Oh, this one sounds tough! “Figlio” is “son” and “puttana” is a whore. So, “Figlio di puttana” literally means “son of a whore”. Strong, right? It will absolutely offend anyone. It’s used like “son of a bitch”.

For example: “You lied to me! You figlio di puttana!”

13. Bastardo

This one means “bastard” and it’s super common.

For example: “Ugh, he’s such a bastardo!”

14. Porco Giuda

This is a harsh one. “Porco” is pig or pork. So, this literally means “Judas pig”. It’s clearly used to offend someone in a great manner, especially someone that’s a traitor and disloyal.

For example: “Samuel told everyone in the office my secret; he’s no longer my friend. He’s a Porco Giuda!”

15. Li mortacci tua

Ready for another one that sounds very strong? Here it is: “Li mortacci tua”. This one insults the dead relatives or loved ones of the person you’re telling this expression to. It’s like “I curse your dead ones/ancestors”.

For example: “Li mortacci tua! You really hurt me!”

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