Spanish is such a popular language that sometimes even non-Spanish speakers know a few words. Some examples are hola (hello), por favor (please), and gracias (thanks).

But there are many other expressions that native Spanish speakers use to thank someone. Some of these phrases still have the word gracias, and some don’t.

Knowing them could come in handy for you if you’re traveling abroad, or have any friends from a Spanish-speaking country. After all, thanking is an essential part of any language to show our gratitude. And it means a lot when we do it in the native language of the person we are talking to.

So, if you want to sound like a native and surprise your foreign friends, learn how to say thank you in Spanish using one of these 10 different ways.

10 Different Ways to Say Thanks in Spanish

1. Muchas gracias
This is to give thanks when you’re feeling very grateful. It is like the English phrase “thank you very much”. But if you are feeling even more grateful, you can also say muchísimas gracias. The muchísimas adds an “extra” to the phrase.

2. Te lo agradezco
This way of thanking is usually said to people that we don’t know very much and in formal places. Like if you ask a favor from a coworker that you don’t know very well. But sometimes it’s also used with friends and close ones.

If you want to add even more formality, you can use se. This is especially for authorities, very important people, or even old people. It’s also used with people that you don’t know at all. For example: at the end of a doctor’s appointment, you can say, Se lo agradezco, doctor (Thank you, doctor). Or if you ask for an address to a complete stranger, and he/she helps you out, you can use, se lo agradezco.

This phrase also has a way of adding another level of gratitude, just by including the word mucho (very). So, you would say, te lo agradezco mucho or se lo agradezco mucho.

3. Mil gracias
This is used in a more friendly but super thankful way. It is the Spanish version of “a thousand thanks”.

4. Un millón de gracias
This is like “a thousand thanks”, but even more grateful because it means “a million thanks”. It’s usually said when you were under pressure and someone did you a favor and you feel relieved. Or simply when you are extremely grateful.

5. Tienes toda mi gratitud
This is “you have all my gratitude”.

6. Estoy agradecido
This means “I’m thankful”. You can also add the te, so it would be te estoy agradecido (I’m thankful to you). Or add the le for more formal people and situations, so it would be, le estoy agradecido.

If you are very grateful, add muy (very): Estoy muy agradecido (I’m very grateful). And if you want to express gratitude with even more intensity, add eternamente (eternally): Estoy eternamente agradecido (I’m eternally grateful).

If you are a man, it is agradecido; but if you are a woman, it should be agradecida. Remember that in Spanish, words have gender.

7. Aprecio lo que hiciste por mí
This is “I appreciate what you did for me”. Apreciar as a way of thanking could also be used in other phrases, like Aprecio el favor (I appreciate the favor) or just lo aprecio (I appreciate it).

Aprecio can also be a way of affection between people. You’ll understand if they’re using it as thanking or as affection through the context of the situation. For example, your friend might tell you Te aprecio mucho, amigo (I appreciate you, my friend). At the end of the day, thanking is also a way to show affection.

8. Estoy en deuda contigo
If someone thanks you by saying this phrase, it means that they know you did a big favor to them. Estoy en deuda contigo means “I’m in debt to you”, and it shows real appreciation for the favor.

9. No tengo como pagarte
This is “I have no way to pay you”, and it’s another way to show a lot of gratitude.

10. Te debo una
This means “I owe you one”.

Do you want to know how to say thank you in Spanish in advance? It never hurts to give thanks before someone does you a favor; it shows real kindness. So here’s how to say “thank you in advance”: Gracias de antemano.

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