Father’s Day is an international celebration. People from all around the world celebrate their father figures for all they’ve done for their kids and families.

We agree that people should thank and love their fathers every day. But it doesn’t hurt to pick a day to hug them even tighter, right?

After all, your dad is probably one of the people that have supported you the most in your language journey. So they deserve a special day.

If you want to show your dad that his support has paid off, you can show him your progress. What better way to do that than by showing him all the languages in which you know how to say ‘father’?

How to Say ‘Father’ in 25 Different Languages

  1. English: Father / Dad and daddy (in a sweet way)
  2. Spanish: Padre / Papá and Papi (like dad or daddy)
  3. French: Père
  4. Italian: Padre
  5. Portuguese: Pai / Papai and Painho (like dad or daddy)
  6. Mandarin Chinese: 父亲 (Fùqīn)
  7. German: Vater
  8. Russian: Oтец (Otets)
  9. Arabic: الآب (Alab)
  10. Japanese: お父さん (Otōsan)
  11. Swedish: Far
  12. Hindi: पिता (Pita)
  13. Marathi: वडील (Vaḍīla)
  14. Korean: 아버지 (ah-bo-ji) / 아빠 (abba) (like dad or daddy)
  15. Greek: πατέρας (patéras)
  16. Turkish: baba
  17. Hungarian: apa
  18. Vietnamese: cha
  19. Bengali: পিতা (pitā)
  20. Romanian: Tată
  21. Czech: Otec
  22. Slovene: Oče
  23. Polish: Ojciec
  24. Swahili: Baba
  25. Finnish: Isä

How This List of Words for ‘Father’ Will Help You in Your Language Journey

Many people start their language journey by learning how to say small and basic words, like “father”, in other languages. Sometimes people don’t even want to learn another language, they’re just having fun learning how to say the alphabet or the numbers in different languages. But that curiosity is how the love for languages starts. Soon they might be learning more difficult words and phrases. And, then, they might be enrolling themselves for language classes.

So, if you are still unsure if you want to learn a language, try learning small words in different languages. You’ll see how much fun it is! Or if you don’t know which language you’d like to learn first, use this list of words for ‘father’. Pronounce each one and see how it’s written. The one that you like the most is the language you could learn first. This way you’ll take language classes for fun and curiosity, and it won’t be too stressful.

Also, if you’re a father yourself, you could teach these words to your baby. Parents are always teaching them how to say ‘mother’ or ‘father’, waiting for it to be their baby’s first word. Teens and adults learn with basic words first, and so do babies. They start learning by hearing the sounds of the words you tell them. During their first months, babies can imitate the sound of the different languages. So, if you teach them ‘father’ in many languages, you’ll help them develop skills for their future language journey. And the smaller the word and sound, the easier for them to start learning it.

Have a Fun Father’s Day!

Apart from the food, gifts, and hugs, now you know another way to surprise your dad. Show him how to say ‘father’ in many different languages.

This can become a fun Father’s Day activity. You can say each word for ‘father’ from this list, and your dad can guess which language it is.

Oh, and if you or your dad are interested in gaining more international vocabulary, take our online language classes in the language of your choice. Whether you take them to improve at work, to travel, or just for fun, with TruFluency you’ll achieve your communication goals.

TruFluency’s classes are customized and based on building fluency. So next time you try to impress your dad, you’ll have whole phrases to congratulate him in a new language. And if your dad also takes the classes, he’ll be able to answer you back.

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If you want to do the same thing for mom on Mother’s Day, check out Fluency Corp’s blog about How to Say Mother in Different Languages!