Netflix is one of the largest online streaming platforms that has a massive reach across the globe. They offer a wide range of shows in various languages, making it a wonderful chance to learn a new language.

We already spend hours and hours binge-watching our favorite Netflix shows. Why don’t we use this as the perfect chance to learn Spanish as well?

Also, if you drive for long periods whether commuting or for a living, we’ll tell you how to learn Spanish on the go with Netflix. Incredible, right?

How to Improve Your Spanish with Netflix While Driving

You can start by selecting a show that is interesting and is spoken in Spanish. Netflix comes with a neat little tool to filter shows by language, also giving you the option for dubbed or subbed shows. If you are a beginner, you can begin with English shows that you already know.

How to Find Spanish Shows on Netflix

To find Spanish shows in the genre you like, first, you have to search “Spanish language” + genre, such as Spanish language action. You can also search “Spanish audio” to widen your choices and find more shows that have Spanish audio tracks that you can choose from.

The audio from Netflix shows is the only thing we need to learn Spanish while on the go. You can choose to download the show with the audio files for an immersive Spanish experience on your daily commute.

However, we don’t recommend watching Netflix while on the go since this can distract you and may cause an accident.

Tips On Improving Your Spanish With Netflix

1. Pre-Watch The Show
First, you have to become familiar with the show by fully pre-watching it. It would be a shame if you missed the plot, context, or even the non-verbal expressions of the actors, so you can know what’s going on.

But all of that can be avoided, if you simply grab some popcorn and your favorite show, and enjoy it the night before. That way, you will easily follow the plot even if you are only listening to audio files.

And if you already watched the entire series in English, don’t worry it is just as fun to rewatch your favorite classics with Spanish subtitles or audio. All in all, you’ll be able to know what is going on without missing any context or scenario clues, while also honing your Spanish skills.

If you like, pull out your favorite phrases, or words that are repeated, vocabulary, etc. Look them up or check out different translations on to see which translation fits the context.

Try to learn 10 new phrases or words per show.

This takes us to the next step…

2. Listen to Spanish Audio While Driving
Now that you have the general premise of the show, you can now listen to the audio files with ease. By watching the entire show (with Spanish subtitles or audio), you should be able to pick up on the context without feeling completely lost.

You can play the show (and remember to not take your eyes off the road), and hone in on the audio to improve your listening and conversational skills. Feel free to listen to it, over and over again so you can grab every-day terms and expressions.

Watching it at home, looking up some words and phrases, then listening to it the next day on your commute is a great way to solidify new vocabulary.

You could even pick out 10 new phrases and words every other day until you’ve basically mastered the entire show. (I can’t tell you how many clients tell me they learned a high level of English from the show FRIENDS!). It works! (and it’s fun….)

3. Research Unfamiliar Words and Phrases
Naturally, if you come across any new terms or words that you are not sure about, you can also discuss with your language tutor or a native speaker. This is a great opportunity to practice Spanish and a great excuse to reach out to a native speaker!

Also, it’s fun to discuss the finer plot details and even get some cultural highlights from your friend, coworker, or tutor. Plus, you can ask your language tutor for the best shows to watch as “homework” for your next session. Sounds fun!

4. Rewatch The Show
So we discussed pre-watching the show, but to further work on your skills, we recommend that you also rewatch the show. You can either watch it as before, or you can up the challenge.

Upping the challenge mostly depends on what Spanish level you are at now. So with that in mind, you can either, watch a Spanish show with English subtitles, watch a Spanish show with Spanish subtitles or watch a Spanish show with no subtitles.

Since you are already familiar with the show, you can retain new words and phrases and improve your conversational skills.

Learning Spanish While On the Go!

Now that you know how to improve your Spanish with Netflix while driving, you have a fun yet simple way to improve your Spanish. Plus it doesn’t take any extra time, since it is during your commute. TV shows are a great way to save time and master your Spanish skills, so we urge you to try it now.

To make it more fun and impactful on your learning, we recommend that you do this entire process with an online language tutor. That way you’ll effectively improve your Spanish skills while enjoying the task as well.

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