How It Works

Sign Up for a TruFluency Monthly Subscription & Schedule Your Language Lesson Classes

Getting Started With Your Own Fluency Coach is Easy

Watch our video or check out the step-by-step instructions below!

Choose Your Teacher

We want you to be comfortable with your decision to learn with us! Plus we are proud of our fabulous teachers so we like to show ’em off! Simply click Get Started on any teacher of your preferred language.

Select a Subscription

We know that you can’t dedicate your entire day to learning another language (who can?). We are all busy bees! So we have three different monthly subscription packages for you to choose from: 4, 8, and 12 hour increments. The more hours, the faster you learn. Plus, the hourly rate goes down! Select a subscription that works best with your time availabilities.


Find Your Redemption Code

After choosing a subscription package and clicking submit (yay!) you will see a confirmation page of your subscription (plus email confirmation). You will find a Redemption Code. This code will be redeemed when you select your class times with your preferred teacher! Click on the beautiful orange button to Schedule Your Classes within the confirmation page or email.

Open Teacher Calendar

After clicking the Schedule Your Classes button in your email, a page will open and you will find a list of teachers in your chosen language. Click on your preferred teacher and their calendar will open.

Schedule Recurring Class Date & Times

Select a day & time slot by clicking on it. You will see two selections: continue & recurring. Click recurring to open a popup with more options. To select the same day & time each week choose from the drop menu how many times to repeat (4 times equals once a week for a month). Confirm by clicking the orange Add Recurring Times. If your subscription is for eight or twelve hours, go through the process again to schedule additional times.


or Schedule Different Class Date & Times

If you want to choose different days & times, you will go through the same Recurring popup, but instead click the white Add a Time button at the bottom of the popup. Then repeat the process until you have all your monthly times scheduled.

Confirm & Add to Your Calendar

Once you have all your times selected click the orange Continue button to confirm. This will bring you into the next section containing your basic info and the box for your Redemption Code. If you clicked straight through after subscribing, it auto-populates (your code is in your email confirmation).

Click Complete Appointment. You will see your confirmed class times with the option to add them to your preferred calendar (don’t worry, we email these to you too!) Voila! You are done! Now you get to chat happily online with your personal fluency coach!


Intake Form

One last thing! We will reach out to you and ask you some questions before your first language lesson. Don’t worry, it’s not a quiz. These questions help us to determine the best path of fluency for you!