You’re having dinner with your Spanish-speaking friends and they ask you if you like chili. Everyone is giggling, or laughing out loud and you’re oblivious to what’s going on. Soon, you learn that what they asked you has a double meaning. After the blush on your cheeks fades, you realize it’s time to learn Spanish double entendre words.

In Mexico, they call the sexual word play albur, and, in Venezuela, chinazo. Whatever you call it, double entendre words in Spanish are a street-wise method to discover the hidden meaning of words, as well as the creative sentence structures that lead to new meanings and alternatives to traditional expressions. Therefore, you can open your world up to the limitless possibilities of wordplay in Spanish.

Wordplay in a second language is a greater challenge than it is in your mother tongue. Nevertheless, it’s an audacious form of testing your solid grasp of Spanish. Foreigners not only have to translate the words but look for the hidden meaning behind them, which can make understanding double entendres very difficult.

However, these words are more than just funny Spanish sexual euphemisms, they’re the “pieces” that you use to play the “mental chess” that involves language proficiency.

Keep reading to learn the words in Spanish you need to watch out for if you don’t want to get in trouble. On the contrary, if you’re planning on surprising people by making them blush, spurring laughs, and teasing looks with disdain, you’ll also find this article very convenient.

31 Double Entendre Spanish Words

In a way, double entendres allow you to create a sense of trust with your listeners, since you can show them that you share cultural affinity and inside jokes with them. Some of the words you need to watch out for in Spanish because of their double meaning are:

Clean meaning: Anaconda
Dirty meaning: Penis

When you humanize an anaconda in a sentence, chances are high that you are talking about a penis. In this way, it is also possible your anaconda “wants everything that moves” in Spanish. By contrast, do not be surprised if someone flirts with you as in this dialogue:

¿Trabajas en el zoológico? (Do you work at the zoo?)
No. (No)
¿Y esta anaconda? (And this anaconda?)

Clean meaning: Bug or word that replaces “thing” in a Spanish sentence
Dirty meaning: Dick

If you’ve heard any of reggaeton singer Arcangel‘s songs, you are aware that he often says things like Te gustan las mujeres pero te encanta el bicho (You like women but love dick). In Puerto Rico, this word has a vulgar connotation, and if you witness a fight, people will probably call each other mama bicho (dick sucker).

Clean meaning: Cake
Dirty meaning: Vagina

In Latin America, the meaning of bizcocho can range from sponge cake to attractive person to vagina. You should be extra careful in Mexico if you say bizcocho but not worry at all if you say bizcochito, as it’s a term of endearment for women.

Clean meaning: Bag
Alternative meaning: Fuckboy/Simp (Venezuela)

The bag you use to carry your groceries is a bolsa but the guy that isn’t perceived as worth-to-date by women is a bolsa too.

Se me rompió la bolsa. (My bag broke)
El novio de mi amiga es un bolsa, no sé por qué está con él. (My friend’s boyfriend is a simp, I don’t know why she’s with him)

Clean meaning: Minibus
Dirty meaning: Vagina

In Ecuador, taking the buseta means you’re taking a female’s body.

Clean meaning: Inexistent
Dirty meaning: Fuck

Just like the English “Fuck”, Mexico’s chingar is the biggest, fattest most versatile curse word. Thus, you can use it pretty much in limitless variations, such as;

¡No me chingues! (Don’t fuck with me!/You’re kidding!/Stop bothering me!)
A la chingada. (To the middle of nowhere.)
Estoy en chinga. (I’m super busy.)
¡Qué chingada! / ¡Qué chingadera! (What a mess!)
¡Qué chingón! / ¡Qué chingona! (That’s awesome! / How cool!)
¡Dale en chinga! (Hurry up!)

Therefore, we recommend using the verb judiciously if you’re in front of your grandmother.

Clean meaning: Grouchy old person (Puerto Rico) / A person that spoils another (Venezuela)
Dirty meaning: Vagina

For boricuas, you can be chocha because you can’t stand your neighbors; for Venezuelans, chocha admits the masculine chocho and you can be chocho(a) after welcoming a newborn, for example. On the other hand, to refer to female private parts, you’ll always use the feminine chocha.

Clean meaning: Chorizo
Dirty meaning: Penis

This one is easy, right? So, be careful if you’re going to say Amo el chorizo out loud.

Cocos / Limones
Clean meaning: Coconuts
Dirty meaning: Boobs

Just like in English, there are many names for boobs in Spanish. Some of the most popular are coconuts (if they’re big) and lemons (if they’re small). For example: Esa mujer tenía unos cocos tan grandes que hacía que los míos se vieran como limones. (That woman had so big coconuts that made mine look like lemons)

Clean meaning: To grab/ To pick up
Dirty meaning: To fuck

This one is the easiest of them all. In Spain, coger means to grab or pick up something, while in Latin America, it means to have intercourse. So, if you studied Spanish in Spain, you may make people blush in Latin America when saying Cógeme el durazno (Pick up my peach).

Clean meaning: Tail, soda, glue
Dirty meaning: Butt, ass

In Spanish-speaking countries, cola isn’t always a soft drink. Thus, many Latinos work hard at the gym to get a buena cola (fine ass) or a cola parada (firm butt). Besides, you may call someone’s buttocks cachetes (cheeks), rabo (tail), queques (cakes), ancas (haunches), retaguardia (rearguard), cachas (hunk), chapas (metal platas/buttons) , and fundillo (back part of pants).

Clean meaning: To eat
Dirty meaning: To fuck

For example: Ya me comí a la vecina. (I already fucked the neighbor)

Clean meaning: Shell
Dirty meaning: Pussy

It’s the Spanish version of calling what women have between their legs a “clam”.

Clean meaning: Little thing
Dirty meaning: Genitals

You can call cosita literally anything, but its meaning can be ambiguous in contexts like Me duele mi cosita (My little thing hurts) and Te voy a mostrar mi cosita (I’m going to show you my little thing).

Clean meaning: Raw
Alternative meaning: Hangover

For example:

Voy a tomarme una sopa para quitarme esta cruda. (I will eat soup to get rid of this hangover)
Estoy más crudo que el pescado fresco. (I am more raw (hung over) than fresh fish)

Clean meaning: Leather
Dirty meaning: Promiscuous female

In the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, you should be careful when buying textile materials. Saying Quiero unos cueros may cost you a few ugly stares, since you’ll be implying that you want to hire sex workers.

Clean meaning: Strawberry
Alternative meaning: Well-off snobby person, superficial person


Yo amo comer fresas. (I love fucking snobby people.)
Las fresas son las que más me gustan. (Superficial people are the ones I like the most.)

Clean meaning: Eggs
Dirty meaning: Male genitalia

For example:

Me diste en los huevos. (You hit my eggs)
El huevo me llena mucho. (Eggs fill me a lot)

Clean meaning: Milk
Dirty meaning: Semen

This may not cause you any trouble at a food establishment while ordering breakfast, but if you’re partying or talking to close friends, they may tease you if you say Amo la leche (I love milk).

No mames
Clean meaning: Don’t suck
Alternative meaning: Many meanings

It may hit you by surprise if out of the blue a Mexican tells you “Don’t suck”. Suck what? Nothing at all! It’s just an expression whose meaning depends on the speaker’s voice inflection. As a result, No mames stands for “Are you kidding me?”, “Don’t be an asshole!”, “Really!” or “No way!”.

Clean meaning: To head North
Alternative meaning: To get lost or disoriented

As in Iba para el metro Panteones pero me norteé (I was heading to the Panteones subway but I got lost).

Clean meaning: Papaya
Dirty meaning: Vagina

There’s always that naughty thought that advertisers evoke when they show you a papaya sliced in two. Hence, Cubans died laughing at Mitt Romney when he said he loves mango, papaya, and guava.

Clean meaning: Chest/Breast
Alternative meaning: Boobs/Partner

Pecho is more of a formal word but if you say Ella tiene unas pechugas enormes, you should do it in an informal setting. For Caribbean countries, a person that has a non-committed relationship with you (i.e. friends with benefits, casual date) is your pechuga(o).

Clean meaning: Balls
Dirty meaning: Testicles

This one is kind of universal. However, you may hear phrases like ¡No me toques las pelotas! (Literally, Don’t touch my balls!) from someone who doesn’t wish to be bugged or bothered.

Clean meaning: Stuffed corn tortilla (Guatemala and El Salvador)
Dirty meaning: Pussy

So, be wary when asking someone to fill your pupusa. Additionally, you may hear puns like Las pupusas no son lo único que voy a llenar esta noche (Pupusas aren’t the only thing I’m going to fill tonight).

Clean meaning: Bird/Little bird
Dirty meaning: Penis

Just like a dialogue of Chris Tucker on Rush Hour, being asked ¿Desde cuándo no come tu pajarito? (Since when does your little bird not eat?) may not be a question about pet care.

Clean meaning: Time, while
Dirty meaning: Quickie

This is part of casual sex or prostitution slang in Spanish. For example:

¿Cuánto cobras por el rato? (How much for a quickie?)
50 dólares. (50 dollars.)
Vámonos. (Let’s go.)

Clean meaning: Rich, delicious
Dirty meaning: Hot, provocative, attractive, bombshell beauty

Someone that has an undeniable sex appeal is rico or rica. However, in Spanish, you should be careful with the verbs Ser and Estar. Let’s see the difference briefly;

Michael es rico, tiene muchas propiedades y negocios. (Michael is rich, he has many properties and businesses.)
Melissa está rica, luce como una diosa. (Melissa is hot, she looks like a goddess.)

Clean meaning: Cake
Alternative meaning: Slap in the face

Giving someone a torta can become a violent action. For example; Pedro y Julio son mejores amigos, pero ahora se dan tortas por una chica hermosa (Pedro and Julio are best friends, but now they’re slapping each other because of a beautiful girl). Words like tortazo (slap) are derived from this meaning of torta.

Clean meaning: Inexistent
Dirty meaning: Female genitalia

For Dominicans, watching the Wizard of Oz can be slightly uncomfortable.

Clean meaning: Egg yolk
Dirty meaning: Dick, semen

So, if you’re having breakfast and want to have eggs, you may cause more than one person to blush when saying Quiero solo la yema (I only want the yolk).

Why Should you Learn Double Entendres in Spanish?

Words that have double entendres acquire new meanings thanks to the influence of culture. In this way, learning double entendres make vocabulary learning a transgressive language experience, where you can open your mind to clever ways to convey ideas.

Plus, you get to have the pleasure of shocking native speakers with deep knowledge of their colloquial expressions, national jokes, and smart puns.

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