Tests are a huge part of any school experience. They help you and your teachers determine your knowledge about any subject. Sometimes you take a test before starting a class, so your professors can teach you things according to your level. Some other times you answer tests at the end of a semester to see how well you learned. Whatever the case, tests are a great way to measure your level in any subject. And languages are no exception.

Language tests can help you measure your progress. They can also serve as practice for a bigger test or a bigger goal, like a certification. Especially if you use free tests on a website or an app. Or, you can simply take an exam for fun. Yes, there are fun ways to quiz your abilities – mainly if it’s not a school test!

How on earth can you test your language skills outside of an academic environment? Good news! There are actually many free language tests for you to use.

We put together a list of the best free language test tools. Take a look at them, and test your language skills. You’ll be able to see your progress, and you’ll have less pressure and more fun than with a school exam.

5 Best Free Language Test Tools

1. Test Your Language

Test Your Language is a free language test and quiz website. They have over a hundred languages for you to test in. So even if you’re learning an uncommon language, you might find a test or quiz for it here.

In these language tests, you’ll find questions about grammar, word pairs, reading comprehension, and listening. They are based on the CEFR and ACTFL foreign language evaluation models. The exams are divided into different levels that you have to pass. The site claims that you can take from 10 minutes to 1 hour to complete each test. So be sure to have some free time when you’re disposed to take it. Some of the languages they have tests for are Arabic, English, Italian, German, and Spanish. You’ll get your result emailed to you.

If you want a language certificate, you’ll have to pay a fee. But it’s okay if you don’t because your results are for free, so you’ll still get to know your level.

They also offer free standardized tests. They have a free SAT practice test, a free IELTS (academic reading) practice test, a free GMAT practice test, and more.

There’s also a “discussion” page, which is basically a language forum. There, you can talk with other people about different language topics, ask questions, or give announcements.

As you can see, it’s a completely free language testing platform.

2. Test Your English

This is a free online English test provided by Cambridge to test your English level. But it’s not the same as their formal Cambridge English tests. You should see this exam as a practice test. It’s perfect for English language learners that are preparing for a Cambridge exam and certification.

They have free exams for different English learners. Their tests are “general English”, “for schools”, “business English”, and “young learners”.

The tests are short, and you’ll get your results right away. You can also check your answers, so you can see which were your mistakes and improve. Depending on your scores, they’ll give you advice about which of Cambridge’s certifications you could apply to.

3. Transparent Language

Transparent Language offers language learning materials for different kinds of learners: government, education, libraries, and more. They also have free resources, such as a word of the day, some eBooks, and language proficiency tests.

There are 15 language tests, including Chinese, Irish, Latin, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, and even English for Spanish speakers. The test’s topics are grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. And they have different exercises, like multiple choice or selecting the incorrect word. If for whatever reason you feel like you need to restart your test, you can do it.

Depending on your score, they’ll give you some recommendations on their materials, so you can keep improving. To see the correct answers and your mistakes, you’ll have to request them and give an email to receive them.

4. 50 Languages

50 Languages is a website designed to help you learn languages. They have 100 lessons for you to learn vocabulary and phrases. And you can choose from over 50 languages. In case you can’t access the website, they also have a language app for Android and iOS.

Though their textbooks are for sale, they offer many free activities to learn a new language. They have free language crosswords in 5 different languages, so you can play and learn. There are also free MP3 audio files. There are online vocabulary cards about different topics, and they have audio so you can hear the proper pronunciation. And, among many more things, there are the free 50 Languages Tests.

50 Languages offer 100 level tests in 25 languages – from beginner to advanced – for each language. So, as you progress in your language journey, you can challenge yourself with a new test. Some of them are Portuguese, English (US & UK), Japanese, Spanish, Finnish, and Chinese.

5. Speechling

Speechling is a language platform in the form of a website and an app. They focus on helping you speak. In order to have some free lessons with one of their tutors, you’ll have to register for an account. But, if you don’t want to do that, it’s okay. They have other free language tools without having to sign up, including their tests.

The tests are not like formal exams; you won’t get grades or your language level. They are more like fun quizzes. You can choose from 13 languages. These include different kinds of Spanish (Latin America & Spain), English (US & UK), and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional).

They have free audio language quizzes. In these quizzes, you’ll listen to audio, and will have to choose the correct translation from the options that they’ll give you. You can also see the sentence that you’re hearing in the language you’re hearing it in. So you can follow the audio while reading it. If you feel like you’re at an advanced level, you can turn off that option for an extra challenge. If you make a mistake, you’ll be able to see the right answer. And, you can choose which module to test in, depending on your level.

Another free language tool that they offer that resembles a test, is the dictation practice. You’ll hear an audio in your target language, and you’ll have to write in that language what you just heard. It’s great for practicing your listening and writing skills. If you make a mistake, you can see the correct answer by pressing the “give up” button. Or, you can try again before seeing the right answer.

They also have a language test named “fill in the blank”. You’ll read a sentence in your native language. Based on that, you will have to fill in the missing words in the translated sentence. After you do it, you’ll be able to hear the audio. If you make a mistake, you can try again. Or you can check the correct answer by pressing the “give up” button.

They have lots of free tools for language learners like you to improve your skills.

Gain Fluency and Test Your Speaking Skills!

As you’ve seen, a test doesn’t have to be boring! There are many different kinds of free language tests out there depending on your goals. You can choose your favorite and repeat it as you advance in your language journey. But don’t forget that these tests can’t grade your fluency. Even the speaking quizzes are done with sentences, not full conversations. And there’s no one answering or asking you questions.

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