Are you looking to learn Portuguese? If so, you’re in good company! Let’s start with some basic Portuguese phrases you will definitely need for travel or speaking with friends.

Not only is Portuguese the second most spoken Romance language, but there are around 258 million speakers worldwide. That means if you start learning the language now, you’ll open the door to making millions of new friends!

Learning Portuguese will allow you to travel to beautiful places like Brazil and Portugal without the stress of carrying around your dictionary.

You’ll be able to connect with locals, explore new cuisines (pastel de nata anyone?), and impress both your friends and future employers with your interesting language skills.

Ready to get fluent in Portuguese and take on the world? You’ll get there soon, but first, let’s start with some basics. The team at TruFluency has compiled a list of 21 basic Portuguese phrases that will come in handy wherever your language journey takes you.

21 Basic Portuguese Phrases You will Use!


1. Oi/Olá – Hi or Hello
Saying hi to someone is the best way to start chatting! Try saying Oi! next time you meet someone new.

2. Bom Dia – Good Morning
We all want to start the morning on a good note. Mastering this phrase will help you do just that.

3. Boa Tarde – Good Afternoon
If you walk into a shop in the afternoon and want to greet the store owner, consider saying boa tarde!

4. Boa Noite – Good Night
The day has come to an end. End it well with a simple boa noite.

5. Prazer – Nice to meet you
This phrase will help you stay polite in all of your interactions.

6. Por favor – Please
What’s the magic word? Please is a helpful phrase to master in any language.

7. De nada – You’re welcome
Staying cordial to those you meet will leave them with a great impression. Remember to say de nada after somebody thanks you!

8. Obrigada/o – Thank you
You can use this at restaurants, museums, or a new friend’s house. Thank you is always in style!

9. Qual é o seu nome? – What is your name?
Names are part of who we are. Learning somebody’s name will turn them from a stranger into a new friend.

10. O meu nome é or Me chamo… – My name is…
Help people get to know you! By telling others your name, you’ll be on your way to building lasting relationships.

11. Tudo bem? – How are you?
All good? Checking in with someone lets them know you care.

12. Como vai? – How’s it going?
Keep it casual with a simple como vai?

13. Eu estou bem – I am good
If you want to answer someone when they ask how you are, let them know you are good with eu estou bem.

14. E você / E tú? – And you?
The former is used in Brazil and the latter is used in Portugal and sometimes in Brazil. Adding this into a sentence will let the other person know you are interested in how they are too.

15. Até amanhã – See you tomorrow
Let your new friends know you’ll see them soon by saying até amanhã.

16. Estou com fome – I am hungry
Food is a staple of any culture. If you’re hungry, you’ll surely have a bunch of delicious options to choose from.

17. Eu não sei – I don’t know
Sometimes it’s best to just be honest. By admitting you don’t know something, you’ll open yourself up to new knowledge.

18. Sim / não – Yes / no
Keep it short and sweet with these two critical words.

19. Com licença – Excuse me
Stay cordial when moving through crowded streets with com licença.

20. Que horas são? – What time is it?
Forgot your phone at home? Ask someone on the street for the time!

21. Eu estou aprendendo Português – I am learning Portuguese
Locals will be thrilled to find out that you are learning Portuguese, so make sure to let them know!

Tips for Learning Portuguese

There are many resources available to learn Portuguese, but where do you begin? The internet is a great place to find free language learning resources that you can incorporate into your daily routine, such as Duolingo, YouTube, and Netflix.

If you are more interested in getting familiar with Portuguese literature, go to your local library and see if they have any books in the Portuguese language. You can even enroll in a language course for beginners if you want to be more social!

Whether you choose to learn through video, text, or tutoring, a little focused learning time can go a long way. Independent learning materials are more effective, however, when they are paired with a structured course of action.

Why You Need a Language Tutor in Portuguese

While independent study can be beneficial, learning a language with a tutor will hold you accountable for your work, provide you with a steady schedule, and help you monitor your progress.

Speaking directly with a native or fluent speaker will help you catch pronunciation issues early on, and boost your confidence when you hit the streets of a Portuguese-speaking country.

Want to get a tutor that fits your needs and schedule today? Come to TruFluency!

Learning a language by yourself can seem impossible. The great news is, you aren’t alone! At TruFluency, our language tutors provide students with individual attention, personalized lesson plans, and real-time feedback.

Here’s something else to keep you positive; according to some studies, you can be fluent in Portuguese in 600 hours! But how will you make those 600 hours count?

By enrolling with a Portuguese tutor at TruFluency, you’ll use your time conversing, building your language skills, and learning phrases that will serve you in everyday life. If you want to see if one of our experienced Portuguese tutors would be a good fit for you, take a trial class!