When learning Spanish at school, there are usually some things that they don’t teach you. Topics like idioms or slang are not very common and Spanish swear words are definitely not part of the curriculum.

We get why, but when you travel abroad or want to speak to a native, you might feel a little lost. Because swear words are part of the Spanish language, and Spanish speakers use them every day.

Especially in Spain, people speak swear words a lot. And not necessarily to offend someone, sometimes they’re also used as expressions of anger, frustration or to get out the stress. Every so often, they’re even said among friends.

So, if you’re learning European Spanish and want to sound like a true native, learn these 15 colorful Spanish swear words. This way you won’t be confused when you hear them, and you’ll understand why they’re saying them.

Are they insulting you? Or are they using it as a mere expression?

15 Spanish Swear Words You Might Hear in Spain

1. Gilipollas

This is one of the most popular insults in Spain. So much that even people from other Spanish speaking countries know its meaning, even if they don’t use it. It means that someone is very stupid.

2. ¡Hostia!

Hostia is the Spanish word for the sacred host or sacramental bread. But in, Spain it’s also used as a swear word. It’s used when you’re shocked, angry, or surprised, like for example when someone scares you.

But hostia is also used in many other expressions. For example: estar de mala hostia, which means to be in a bad mood. And even though it’s a bad word, sometimes it’s also used in a nice way.

For example: when you do something cool and your friends tell you: eres la hostia. It means that you’re very cool or you’re the best. It’s still a swear word, but it’s not being used in a mean way.

As you can see, it’s important that you know this word because you’ll hear it in many phrases around Spain.

3. ¡Coño!

Literally, coño means “vagina”. But it’s also used as an exclamation of shock or surprise, and it’s very common.

You can also add the word into sentences that express anger or frustration. In fact, there are already some popular Spanish phrases using this word.

Like en el quinto coño, which means something that’s far away. Or estoy hasta el coño, which means to be sick/tired of something.

4. ¡Mierda!

This is “shit!” And just like in English, it’s an exclamation you use when you’re shocked, scared, or something goes wrong.

Besides just using mierda as an exclamation, you can also use it in different sentences to express that something is bad. For example: if someone tells you sos una mierda it means that you suck.

5. ¡Vete a la mierda!

A very common expression with this word is ¡vete a la mierda!, which means “fuck off!”

This very popular word and this phrase is also used in other Spanish-speaking countries besides Spain.

6. Vete a tomar por culo

This is like saying “fuck off”, or vete a la mierda.

7. Cabrón

It’s like “asshole” or “motherfucker”. It is used against someone that is mean, is a bad person, and does things with bad intentions. This word is also used in some other Spanish-speaking countries.

8. Me cago en…

This means “I shit in…” And it can go with many words.

For example: me cago en la hostia, me cago en la leche, me cago en la mar, and many more. Depending on the word that you use, it can be more offensive or less.

For example: if you say Me cago en Dios (I shit on God), it might be more offensive, especially for religious people.

This expression is used to complain or show frustration or anger.

9. ¡Joder!

This is a swear word used to express anger, frustration or surprise. You can use it by itself, but a lot of times it is accompanied by a sentence that expresses why you’re using that word.

For example: ¡Joder, qué lugar tan feo! (Fuck, what a horrible place!)

10. Hijo de puta

Literally this means “son of whore”. So now you can see that it would basically mean the same as “son of a bitch”.

11. Coñazo

Used to say that something is extremely boring.

12. Tontopollas

This word is a combination of tonto (dumb) and polla (a vulgar word for penis). It’s an insult to say that someone is very dumb.

13. Me suda la polla

This very rude expression is used to say that you don’t care about something or someone’s opinion; you’re indifferent to it. Another form of this phrase is me suda el coño.

14. Idiota

This means “idiot”.

15. Tocar los cojones

This literally means “to touch the balls/testicles”. This means to bother or annoy someone.

For example: No me toques los cojones. (Don’t annoy me.)

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