Ready to expand your Portuguese vocabulary? Well, here’s an opinion that might be unpopular, but we believe necessary: learn Portuguese swear words. Does it sound weird that we, language teachers and experts, are telling you to learn those kinds of words? The truth is every language has swear words and people use them daily.

So, if you want to travel abroad to a Portuguese speaking country, you have to know at least some bad words. Well, that is if you want to truly immerse yourself in the culture, talk to natives and understand their daily expressions. And believe us, you want to do that. It’s an incredible experience.

Maybe you want to visit Brazil and see their amazing landscapes, get to see the Brazilian carnival and be embraced by their people. Or travel to Portugal and go to a castle, visit their beaches and learn about people’s daily lives. In that case, soak up all the vocabulary you can, including swear words, or palavrões, as they say. We’ll help you gladly!

15 Portuguese Swear Words

1. Puta que pariu

We’re starting strong. “Puta” in Portuguese is “whore”. So, literally this means “the whore that gave birth (to him/her)”. But it’s used as a vulgar expression for when something goes wrong, like “puta que pariu, I cut my finger!”.

It can also be used as “go to hell”. For example: A classic Portuguese expression would be “vá para a puta que te pariu”.

2. Filho da puta

This is like saying “son of a whore” or “son of a bitch”.

3. Caralho

This is a word that works as an expression for when you have feelings of shock, surprise, frustration or anger. It’s kind of like ”fuck”.

For example: “Caralho, I forgot about the exam! I didn’t study”.

4. Merda

Do you want another example of an expression considered a bad word? Here it is. “Merda” is like saying “shit!”. So, you can use it every time something bad happens.

If you want to make it stronger, add “puta” at the beginning. So “puta merda”.

5. Cacete

This is yet another expression for when you feel shocked, frustrated, angry or any strong emotion. It’s like the English “damn”. So, you could say: “Cacete, I lost my wallet!”

But use it very carefully, because it’s also a vulgar way to refer to the penis. Kind of like saying “dick”.

And if you go to certain parts of Brazil and Portugal, it’s also a type of bread. Though it might not be common to hear this word used for a type of bread, it could happen. So now you know.

Of course, if you hear “cacete”, you’re probably going to understand what they mean with it by the context.

6. Babaca

A “babaca” is someone that’s stupid.

7. Vai tomar no cu

This is a very strong expression. Literally it would mean something like “take it through the ass”. But it’s used as a “fuck off” or “go fuck yourself”.

For example: If somebody tells you “vai tomar no cu”, they’re telling you to piss off. Most likely they didn’t like you that much. Or you could tell that to somebody that’s mean to you and is bothering you.

8. Foder

This is a more vulgar way to refer to having sexual relations. But it’s also an expression for when you feel shocked, frustrated, irritable or angry and when something goes wrong. If you think about these two meanings, it’s very much like the English word “fuck” or “screw”.

For example: “¡Foder, they crashed my car!” or “Foder, the teacher gave us a lot of homework!”

9. Foda-se

Along the lines of “foder”, there is “foda-se”. This swear word is used to tell someone to “go to hell”.

In Portugal is more popular to use it as “fuck this” or “fuck it”. That means towards something or a situation, not really a person. They can also use it as just “fuck”.

Even though it’s still a swear word, it can also be used for positive things. For example: “You bought yourself a Ferrari? Foda-se!”

10. Vai se foder

Here’s a popular offensive expression in Brazil, also along the lines of “foder”. “Vai se foder” is like “fuck you”. You might also find it as “vai te foder”, especially in Portugal.

11. Arrombado

This is a highly strong insult in Portuguese. It refers to anal sex. It’s used usually with men and towards someone that’s a horrible person, basically an asshole.

12. Boceta

In Brazil, “boceta” is a vulgar way to refer to the vagina; it’s like “pussy”. You might hear someone calling you “cara de boceta”. That would mean they’re telling you “pussy face”.

13. Trouxa

This word is used to refer to a bundle of clothes. But as an insult it means “idiot”.

14. Monte de merda

This means “pile of shit”. So it can be used like “piece of shit”.

15. Porra

We can’t forget about this one, because it’s a popular one. “Porra” is another Portuguese word for “cum”. But it’s used as an interjection for when you feel shock, anger, frustration and strong feelings. It’s also used to say something is “shit”.

For example: “Porra! He hit me in the head with the ball”. Or: “This porra sucks”.

You might also hear: “Que porra é essa?”, which means they’re asking what the fuck is that.

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