Chile is home to the beautiful Chilean Alps and The Atacama, the driest desert in the world. It also hosts the famous music festival “Viña del Mar International Song Festival”.

And it’s the birthplace of the famous poets Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro and Gabriela Mistral. But not just that, it’s also one of the countries that has Spanish as its official language.

So, if you really want to understand Chilean language and culture, you should learn some basic Chilean slang. Swear words are a big part of that, and yet we don’t learn them in school. We get it, they might not be appropriate for a school environment.

But if you go to Chile or speak to a native, they’re most likely going to speak with swear words. So you better know them. That way you’ll know if they’re trying to insult you or just using them as an expression. Remember that forewarned is forearmed.

15 Chilean Swear Words

1. Conchetumare

This comes from its longer version “concha de tu madre”. It’s used as an expression when something bad, annoying, painful or shocking happens. You can also insult someone with this phrase when they do something bad to you.

People also use it as “conchetumadre” o “conchesumare”. And sometimes people also abbreviate it as “ctm” for “conchetumare” O “csm” for “conchesumare”.

2. Saco wea

This is used to insult someone that says or does something dumb, stupid or worthless.

For example: If during a conversation someone starts saying something stupid, you could tell him/her: “Te la pasas diciendo puras tonterías, saco wea” (All you do is talk nonsense, stupid man).

It can also be said as “saco de weas”.

3. Chucha

It refers to women’s vulva and vagina. But people also use it as a swear word; it’s like saying “shit!” or “fuck”. So basically, it’s used as an expression for situations when you have strong emotions, like shock or surprise.

People also use this word in many other vulgar expressions, like we’ll see later.

4. Andáte a la chucha

Here’s one common expression that uses the vulgar word “chucha”. It’s like saying “fuck off!”. If you want to be even meaner or emphasize the word and your intentions, you can say “andáte a la rechucha”.

A similar phrase with the same meaning would be “andáte a la cresta”.

5. Sacar la chucha

This is a vulgar way to say you hit yourself or someone very strongly. You can say “le voy a sacar la chucha”, which means that you’re going to hit someone.

Or say “me saqué la chucha”, which means that you hit yourself.

6. Sacar la cresta

This is the same as “sacar la chucha”. That is that you will or have punched or hurt someone very strongly. For example: If someone is bothering you, you could tell him/her: “¡Te voy a sacar la cresta!” (I’ll hit you).

Or if you accidentally hit yourself with a piece of furniture, you could say “me saqué la cresta” (I hurt myself).

7. Chupa pico

This is used to refer to someone that is always praising somebody else just to get something from them. Basically, a “chupa pico” is a bootlicker.

8. Hijoeputa

This comes from “hijo de puta”, which is like saying “son of a bitch” or “motherfucker”.

“Hijo de puta” is used in many Latin American countries, but in some, like Chile, they don’t pronounce de “d”. So, it sounds like “hijoeputa”.

9. Weón

This comes from “huevón”, but in Chile it’s pronounced “weón”, without the sound of the “v”.

“Huevón” is a vulgar way of calling someone “lazy” or “stupid”. But since Chileans use it so much, you can also hear friends calling each other “weón” without feeling offended.

It works like the “wey” in Mexico. It’s like saying “bro”. For example: If your friend comes at you and says: “¡Hola, weón!” / “Hello, bro!”, he’s not trying to insult you.

But if your friend says: “Ese es un weón de mierda” / “That guy is a stupid shitty man”. Then, it’s a complete offense. It’s all about the context.

10. Culiao

This is the way Chileans pronounce “culeado”. It comes from the word “culear”, which is the vulgar way of “to have sex”. But “culeado” is just a word to insult a horrible, bad person or even thing.

If you want to make it stronger, add a “re” before the word: “reculiao”. You can also use it next to other insults, like “saco wea culiao” (stupid sucker/motherfucker) or “culiao de mierda” (shitty motherfucker).

11. Pergüétano

Used to refer to someone dumb or stupid.

12. Hijo de la masturba burros

Literally, this is: “Son of the one that masturbates donkeys”. But its meaning is like “son of a bitch”.

13. Chapa la pachala

It comes from “chupa la pichula”, which refers to oral sex because ”chupar” is to lick. But sometimes, they change all the vocals from that phrase for an “a”, so it ends up as “chapa la pachala”.

You can say it both ways. And it’d be like the English “suck my dick”.

You can say it to someone else. Or also use it as an expression for when something bad happens, or when you’re angry or in shock.

14. Chupa la que cuelga

In Spanish “chupar” is “to lick”, and “la que cuelga” literally is “the one that hangs”, so it refers to the male reproductive system. So, this is another way of saying “suck my dick”.

15. Sapo

Used for those who love gossiping and are always revealing the secrets of others. Basically, a “sapo” is a snitch.

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